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It's time for a change, Smartwatch Fans!

Bye Bye Smartwatch Fans!
By CrackBerry Kevin on 28 Apr 2014 11:57 am

As promised earlier this month, today we are pulling the trigger on our long-planned site rebranding. This is the last article you will see posted from We thank you for being a regular visitor. You rock!

After this post goes live, we'll be flipping the switch to our new name —which is awesome — (no, awesome isn't the name, it's just an awesome name) and expanding our coverage beyond smartwatches. If you've been a big fan of Smartwatch Fans to date, DON'T PANIC. We'll still be covering all things smartwatches as we have done to date, even better in fact as we'll be growing the team with more passionate contributors.

We have a lot of great things planned for the new and improved site that you won't want to miss, so we hope you continue the journey with us. And thanks for the patience as we re-skin and make some quick tweaks here as we change over the name. The time has come!!

Update: And the new name is here. Bye Bye Smartwatch Fans, Love Live Connectedly! Be sure to read our Connectedly is Open for Business welcome post!

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Reader comments

It's time for a change, Smartwatch Fans!


I'm glad you are reaching out beyond the watch focus. Will be interesting to see how this overlaps, or doesn't, the other MN sites.

Yep, new Android app will be available within a day or two, and iOS app should follow shortly. Will get the Android app moved into BlackBerry World too shortly for BB10 asap (native later this year), and Windows Phone later this year.

Forums are still open... just some quick bug fixes and stuff with the name change over. Just stay close to the site and will be smoothed out soon.

Nice...and I'll give ya 5 bucks for a smartwatchfans's now a collector item. :)

Seriously good move re-branding and including all the cool new gear under one umbrella...I know I will be a daily reader of this site.