The perfect bedside companion

How many things are cluttering up your bedside table? Ditch the alarm clock. Get rid of the lamp. Forget the chargers. Start using the one smart device that can do it all!

About time

The Ivation GLOW All-in-One Bedside Lamp will become your favorite bedside companion. The innovative lamp saves space, incorporating an alarm clock and USB charger port into its creative design.

An integrated Bluetooth speaker allows you to drift off to sleep while you listen to the gentle sounds of your favorite song. You can also use the built-in, full-range stereo speakers to listen to FM radio, connect to the aux-in line, or turn the speaker into the perfect white noise machine.

Charging your devices is simple with the USB charger port, which is located along the lamp's contoured base and is ideal for your phone or any music player or device you like to keep close by and have connected through Bluetooth or the aux-in line.

Ivation GLOW All-in-One Bedside Lamp

This lamp works as an alarm clock and Bluetooth speaker.


This innovative bedside lamp also doubles as your alarm clock, Bluetooth speaker and device charger.

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Up and at 'em

The device's timed LED lamp will slowly pull you out of a refreshing sleep with its soft glow, which is designed to ease you into natural daylight and can be set up in conjunction with a song of your choice or one of the pre-programmed alarm tones. You can adjust the color and intensity of the lamp's light, from bright white, to soft yellow, to cool blue, or any color in between.

The clock features a dimmable LED display that is integrated into the lampshade, so you can control the brightness of the clock during the day or before you go to sleep. The display shows the current time, along with the day, date, month, and year. And if you somehow unplug the lamp, don't fret. The clock memory will recall what time it was.