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This iWatch concept is slim, powerful and awesome

By Adam Zeis on 22 Jan 2014 09:28 am

The latest iWatch concept comes from designer Todd Hamilton and looks more like a fitness band than a watch. It pulls in design elements from iOS 7 and takes on a super-slim, curved design and has touchscreen functions that including gestures and access to Siri. The watch would have only a home button and volume buttons — the rest of the navigation left up to various gestures and on-screen tabs. 

Hamilton explains that the OS would have a menu dropdown for controls as well as popover menus. Apps, contacts and media would all be managed from a paired Mac rather than on the device itself. 

It's definitely an awesome looking concept but it's still too early to tell just what Apple will offer up for a wearable device. The rumors have been flying for months and we'll certainly see no shortage leading up to Apple's big event this fall when the device is rumored to be announced.

What do you think — Is this concept awesome or a dud? Hit up the comments and let us know!

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This iWatch concept is slim, powerful and awesome


I know there's not always going to be a full day of news on the smartwatch beat, but I'd have a lot more respect for this site if it didn't include some random guy's speculative render as a front-page news item.

This would have made an excellent forum post.

It is cool, which is why I said it would have made an excellent forum post. But it significantly dilutes the quality of your blog's content. I'm not saying this to be a jerk. I'm saying it because I'm a fan of Mobile Nations and smartwatches, and I really want to like this site.

That is @davemacd's opinion. I for one, like that you post the concepts that people come up with which are out of the box ideas. This is a SmartWatchFans site. Every SmartWatch first is always a concept that gets built into a product.

@AdamZ, Keep on keeping on! Keep the concepts coming.

I agree...I enjoy seeing these types of posts. I don't see how is dilutes anything; it can spark some good conversation and keep some excitement going, especially on slower news days. If it is posted in the forums, it might well be missed by many.

Smartwatches being a newer technolgy I for one think concepts actually do belong on the front page. Sites like AC and CB still do it all the time. I respect davemacd opinion and can see his point. I for one would like to see new things.

All the MN blogs post things like this from time to time. To spur conversation in the blogs and forums (on iMore at least, there's a forum post for each blog post).

That concept is definitely in the future of smartwatches, but I expect that the first iWatch will be more like the ipod nano.

Agreed, but may be because I'm not a huge fan of this look....but maybe the minimalist/non-traditional watch is where things will go.

iwatch or ibracelet let's be serious. Whether a phone is 3 inches or 6 inches it has the physical appearance of a phone. Smartwatches like this concept should not be consider a watch why not do what Nike did and call it a band not a watch. Being that I am bias let's just called this an ibracelet for him/her lol

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looks pretty cool, but it's fully round, how is it going to stay in place?
would be hard to control/use if it keeps moving around

Agree. Plus if all the rumors about the new hires being medical related I don't see how this would be able to do heart rate of it isn't somewhat tight.

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The design is pretty cool. Doesn't really look like an Apple product though, other than it is running something similar to iOS7. Functionally speaking I doubt the battery would last too long with that screen.

I find that design looks stupid and the display is too small since I have big fingers and hands

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I don't like it ... Maybe it's me longing for a traditional watch feel, the narrow screen just looks to be difficult to consume content to me. Then again, it's just a mockup and who knows what it will really look like on your wrist.

The software features side of it seems cool. I wish my Gear would be able to do more.
But the design just doesn't have a watch feel.
Still pretty cool though! Nothing wrong with seeing some great ideas.

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This looks really cool, but I am hoping that Apple goes for more of the biometrics of a Basis with the best smarts of a Pebble/Gear. Therefore, it would be more of a watch form factor than a band.