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The iWatch concept that is too good to be true

By Adam Zeis on 7 Feb 2014 03:09 pm

The fan-made iWatch concepts are pouring in every week. We've seen some awesome one's already, but most are pretty far fetched when it comes down to it. The latest from Belm Designs is no exception — it shows off an awesome watch that any Apple user would love but most likely will never see. 

The design here has a circular, HD touchscreen display and the uni-body design is outfitted with titanium and chrome accents. Inside it's packing a dual-core processor with LTE, Bluetooth and iOS 8. The watch itself does look quite large, but you never know what Apple could come up with, so nothing is really off the table.

Check out the video above to see the concept from all angles, then hit up the comments and let us know what you think!


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Reader comments

The iWatch concept that is too good to be true


Good polish. I don't know if I see them making a round one, though. Maybe they'll prove me wrong.

Man if this concept was reality I may have just left Android for Apple!

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I agree. Not to mention the iWatch isn't launched yet so a suffix (C) isn't really that probable. A huge HD display is gonna drain the battery fast and we know that Apple is trying to extend the battery life longer than 2-3 days usage.
My best guess for an iWatch design is a modest squarish screen with only buttons on the side (not the front like an iPhone). The interface would also be simplified from the current iOS.

I love this round-face design. If some company were to come out with a design similar to this, I would have to shell out some moola to get one. Even though I would hate to give money to Apple, I would have to buy this.

Why on earth would they put LTE in the watch? That's what a bluetooth connection to the phone is for. That would rape the battery life. You'd also need a sim card slot so that's more space they don't have.