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iWatch project gains sleep expert with Apple's latest hire

By Jared DiPane on 5 Feb 2014 01:27 pm

Apple has been making quite a few hires recently for the rumored iWatch project and the latest addition to the team is that of an expert on sleep research. Apple has just scooped up Roy J.E.M Raymann who comes from Philips Research and has spent a ton of time already with wearables. Raymann's specialty is in sleep research and while at Philips, he lead various sleep related projects which included the use of various sensors and non-pharmacological methods of helping to improve sleep quality.

We have seen many fitness trackers already working on sleep tracking and attempting to help improve the overall sleep quality. To date most of these companies have been able to do this mediocre at best, and this is another area that Apple can really excel with their iWatch. 

Putting together the recent rumors of Apple's new "Healthbook" along with the various new hires that we have seen, it is clear that the iWatch will be much more than just a notification machine. Apple has usually pushed the boundaries beyond what others were doing and we are hopeful that they will do the same with their smartwatch and bring it to the next level in many different ways.

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iWatch project gains sleep expert with Apple's latest hire


I think that Apple doing such a thing will set the stage. I'm excited. I may not get the I watch but look forward to what's made following it by other makers.

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