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Jawbone Up3

You can now buy Jawbone's Up Move, Up2 and Up3 in India

Jawbone has launched its fitness trackers in India, exclusively partnering with Amazon to sell the Up Move, Up2 and Up3 in the country. The entry-level Up Move will be available for ₹4,999 ($75), with the Up2 and Up3 costing ₹9,999 ($150) and ₹14,999 ($225). The Up Move is a clip-on dongle...
Jawbone sues Fitbit over poaching employees with access to confidential information

Jawbone sues Fitbit for poaching employees with access to confidential information

Fitness wearable maker Jawbone has sued rival company Fitbit over claims that the latter poached employees with access to sensitive information about Jawbone's upcoming products. As reported by The New York Times: Jawbone sued Fitbit in California State Court here on Wednesday, accusing its...
Jawbone Up4

Jawbone's latest $199 Up4 fitness tracker lets you make payments via NFC

With Jawbone's Up3 fitness band now shipping, the company has announced its latest offering, the Up4. The upgrade to the Up3 comes with an NFC chip that allows you to tap and pay directly from your wrist at supporting outlets, although only American Express cardholders can avail the mobile...
Jawbone Up24

American Express and Jawbone may team up for wearable payment service

A new report says that American Express will announce a partnership sometime later this week that will allow those credit card owners to pay for items by using a future product from the Jawbone fitness band company. The report from The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed sources, says that...
Jawbone to begin shipping UP3 on April 20, revises water resistance expectations

Jawbone to begin shipping UP3 on April 20, revises water resistance expectations

Jawbone has announced today that its UP3 fitness tracker will finally begin shipping to pre-order customers in the US on April 20. Though the UP3 originally was announced in November of last year, pre-order customers have been left waiting several months for the fitness tracker to ship. In a...
Jawbone makes fitness fun and competitive with Up for Groups

Jawbone makes fitness fun and competitive with Up for Groups

Jawbone is bringing the fitness challenge to businesses, enterprises, and organizations. Coupled with its Up wearable bands, Jawbone is unveiling its Up for Groups challenge where members of the same group could team up and challenge each other to stay active and fit. Administrators in the group...
Best Fitness Bands

Ultimate guide to buying the best fitness trackers

Finding the best fitness trackers is no easy task. Fitness trackers are part of a rapidly growing category at the moment. We've been seeing bands from the likes of FitBit and Jawbone, both of whom have released several models over the years. We've also been seeing new bands from established names...
Jawbone Up Move

Jawbone Up Move is a $50 activity tracker with a six month battery life

Jawbone is entering into the entry-level segment with the launch of the Up Move, a $50 activity tracker that comes with fitness and sleep tracking features. The tracker bridges the gap between the $129 Up24 and the free Up app, and comes with most features offered by Jawbone's higher-end activity...
Jawbone Up3

Jawbone's $180 Up3 is its most advanced fitness tracker yet

Jawbone announced its third-generation fitness tracker today, the Up3. The activity tracker builds on the features introduced in the Up24, and takes it a step further by including a heart rate sensor that Jawbone claims is the most accurate available on a wearable device today. Also included are...

Jawbone releases data showing how the recent Napa earthquake disturbed sleep

The recent earthquake in South Napa took many by surprise during the night, but to see just how many people woke up to the sound and physical disturbance, fitness tracking company Jawbone has released some anonymous data. The chart shared shows UP wearers in the Bay Area who track their sleep...

Best Fitness Trackers: Nike Fuelband SE, Garmin vivofit, Jawbone UP24 and Fitbit Flex

We are well into MobileFit month here at Mobile Nations and while we've discussed various methods of using technology to try and improve your fitness — there is one item that seems somewhat recurring — the fitness tracker. These devices provide a relatively low barrier of entry in terms of...
Jawbone Up and Automatic

Jawbone UP partners with Automatic to get drivers to walk more

Automatic, the company behind the smart driving assistant that we reviewed in March, is partnering with Jawbone to integrate data into their UP fitness app. While the UP band tracks your steps, integration with Automatic will show drivers the connections between their physical activity and...