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Jawbone UP bands to link to Haiku with SenseME smart ceiling fan for improved sleeping

Owners of the Jawbone UP activity trackers will soon be able to link the wrist-based devices up to the Haiku with SenseME smart ceiling fan from Big Ass Fans. The idea is that the partnership between the two devices will enable owners to get a better night's sleep. The support is supposed to...
Jawbone Up fitness tracker

Jawbone releasing Up API for wider compatibility and integration

It looks like Jawbone is preparing to open its UP software to third parties, specifically, to other hardware manufacturers. This means that Jawbone would be able to collect data into its app from rivals like FitBit, as well as smartwatches running Android Wear, and Apple's long-rumored iWatch,...
Jawbone Up and Automatic

Jawbone UP partners with Automatic to get drivers to walk more

Automatic, the company behind the smart driving assistant that we reviewed in March, is partnering with Jawbone to integrate data into their UP fitness app. While the UP band tracks your steps, integration with Automatic will show drivers the connections between their physical activity and...

Jawbone UP24 review

Everybody wants to make a wearable and the health and fitness space has had its fair share in recent times with efforts from the likes of Nike and Fitbit. What we have here is the latest effort from Jawbone, the UP24. And if you're looking for a fitness band – especially one to hook into your...
Whistle's canine activity tracking data is getting integrated into Jawbone's Up app

Whistle's canine activity tracking data is getting integrated into Jawbone's Up app

If you're a Jawbone UP user and want to ensure that your dog is getting as good of a work as you are — you're in luck. Jawbone has partnered with Whistle Labs and will now incorporate connected dog data into the Up app. That means UP and UP24 users will be able to track their pooch's walk,...