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Jawbone's latest $199 Up4 fitness tracker lets you make payments via NFC

Jawbone Up4
By Harish Jonnalagadda on 16 Apr 2015 01:01 am

With Jawbone's Up3 fitness band now shipping, the company has announced its latest offering, the Up4. The upgrade to the Up3 comes with an NFC chip that allows you to tap and pay directly from your wrist at supporting outlets, although only American Express cardholders can avail the mobile payments service.

The Up4 will be available sometime over the summer for $199, $20 higher than the asking price of the Up3. The fitness band has a similar feature-set on offer as the Up3, which includes heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking and differentiating between various forms of activity. Jawbone's Up app also comes with a coach feature that motivates you to achieve your daily workout goals.

Eligible American Express customers will be able to link their cards to the fitness band through Jawbone's Up app, which is available on Android and iOS. Transaction history will not be shown in the Up app, however, as American Express has mentioned that sensitive customer data will not be shared. As for security, the mobile payments solution uses a tokenization system that is similar to what Apple offers with Apple Pay.

In addition to the Up4, Jawbone also unveiled a budget fitness tracker, the $99 Up2, which is the successor to last year's Up24. The Up2 features a similar design as the Up3, and while it offers more features than the entry-level $50 Move, the band comes without a heart rate monitor. The Up2 is currently available in a Black Diamond variant from Jawbone, and will soon go up for sale at Amazon and Best Buy.

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Jawbone's latest $199 Up4 fitness tracker lets you make payments via NFC


Jawbone seriously must have the worst marketing team on earth. Announcing a new version of a product before consumers have their hands on the original? After numerous delays? Not canceling my Up3 preorder over it or anything but still, what is this all about?