The Jaybird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth Headphones have long been regarded as the best Bluetooth earbud headphones on the market. High-quality sound, comfortable, with great battery life, made them the top pick from pretty much every review out there. The original Jaybird BlueBuds came out in 2013, and now the company out of Salt Lake City has come out with a revamped version to continue to offer the best ears buds around.

While the design hasn't changed, and battery life has not drastically improved, Jaybird now offers a more complete product right out of the box. With the original Jaybird's, you had to order different size ear attachments if the ones in the box didn't fit you right. The new X2's come with small, medium, and large foam ear tips, silicone ear tips, and ear fins all included. The 100 mAh battery still delivers a guaranteed 8 hours of play time, and they are available from six different color options. The JayBird X2's work in either traditional under-ear style for music and calls, or over-ear style for sports and intense movement music listening. The included ear fins hug the top, back and lower surface of your ear and lock the X2s in for any activity. They're also fully sweat proof and come with a Lifetime Warranty against sweat.

If you're in the market for Bluetooth Earbud headphones, the original X Sport's have now been reduced to $149.95. While, now for $179.95 the X2's come with a full selection of different sized ear buds right out of the box and your choice of color.

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Get the original Jaybird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth Headphones / $149.95

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