JetPack Aviation has developed the world's only true JetPack. Powered by two state of the art turbine jet engines, the team at JetPack Aviations has spent over 40 years working to make the JetPack a reality. Now they are proving that personal flight is a reality, with Australian entrepreneur David Mayman taking the JB-9 JetPack for a test flight near the Statue of Liberty in New York. The JB-9 JetPack is said to be fast, powerful, safe, and practical to operate. They are already working on an updated JB-10 model that is capable of reaching speeds of over 100 MPH, an altitude of 10,000+ feet, and has an endurance of 10+ minutes of flight depending on the riders weight.

The Team at JetPack Aviations plans to show off their JetPack at aviations shows and is said to be talks with several parties about developing a JetPack racing series.

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