Jins Meme glasses stare right back at you, measuring alertness and more

By Simon Sage on 13 May 2014 10:53 am

A Japanese firm called Jins is working on connected eyewear that looks at you looking at the world. Small electrooculography sensors built into the Jins Meme glasses monitor eye movement and relays fatigue information to a mobile app. This way you'll get a notification if you're too tired to drive, but too stubborn to otherwise admit it. There's also a 3-axis gyro and accelerometer built into the arms of the glasses to enable some basic fitness monitoring and smartphone navigation.

Most of the consumer eye tracking tech we've seen has been for emulating mouse movement on a PC. As a means of figuring out if we're too tired or straining our eyes looking at a screen too much, these kinds of glasses could provide a wealth of data usually outside the reach of most fitness bands. That said, there's an SDK available for developers that want to leverage that kind of information in other apps.

The 3 Jins Meme glasses shown off so far will be going on sale in Japan in 2015, though no price has been nailed down. For a closer look, head over to the Jins website.

Via: ComputerWorld

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Jins Meme glasses stare right back at you, measuring alertness and more

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What a great idea! I like the concept of combining this with an app on your smartphone. With this you can also connect to the car's headunit (e.g. via MirrorLink) and trigger furhter actions in your vehicle. The only drawback is that it will only monitor fatigueness for people wearing glasses as opposed to camera-based in-vehicle solutions.