Minimalist design. Maximum tone.

During a time when most of us try to hide every cable for every component we own to make it look like our tech runs on pure magic, Joey Roth has designed a home speaker that proudly shows its seams.

Nothing to hide

The ceramic speaker collection from Joey Roth combines warm audio tones with cool, minimalist style. The base speaker pair come with a 15 watt amplifier to slide our favourite music through a four-inch speaker encased in a ceramic cone. Resting in a natural finished, Baltic birch stand, these speakers become a decor piece as much as a functional sound system.

Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers


Joey Roth pairs natural audio tones with beautiful designs with his latest ceramic speaker collection.

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Crank it up

Build out your audio system with a matching porcelain 50 watt sub or add a Bluetooth receiver to increase the connectivity of your new speakers. Perfect for the living room, office, or bedroom. The Joey Roth collection of ceramic speakers offer premium audio in a beautiful casing. You will be paying more for designer style, but you will end up with a sound system like no one else you know. And as cool as these speakers look, you buy speakers for their audio quality, and with this speaker system you won't be disappointed.