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John Lewis launching own branded webOS TV 'next month'

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By Richard Devine on 28 Apr 2014 06:09 am

LG resurrected webOS for its range of Smart TVs back at CES in January and now one major British retailer will be selling an own-branded version from "next month." As described by the folks at Pocket-Lint, department store John Lewis, will be selling three different sized webOS TVs – 49-, 55-, and 60-inches – and is already advertising them in its Spring 2014 catalog.

The JL9000 won't be cheap, with prices starting from £1499 for the smallest version. You'll also get a built in soundbar for your money, and honestly, what looks to be a pretty fine looking TV, too. But it's all about the webOS, and while John Lewis maybe isn't the first place you'd go for a TV, it's another step towards getting these things into the mainstream.

For more on webOS TV, be sure to check out our first look from CES 2014.

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John Lewis launching own branded webOS TV 'next month'


You say john lewis isn't the first place you'd go but they price match and often have quite a bit of stock. So if you want to pick something up straight away they are worth checking out. That said I haven't bought a TV from them but my in laws did and got a good deal.

yours faithfully,

More from the perspective that John Lewis isn't as widespread as Currys PCWorld, or even the supermarkets. It'd be one of the last places I consider personally since the nearest one is over an hour away.

OK, I get there's not much going on news-wise in Smartwatches at the moment. But seriously, why on earth is a TV OS appearing in smartwatchfans? I'd kinda struggle strapping a 55 incher to my wrist.

Content is being put in place ahead of something amazing happening here.

Fair point about location of john Lewis. It's a bit different for me as my nearest one is only about 20 mins away. That said I would avoid currys and PC world. Maybe it's my luck but whenever I have gone there for anything I have found the staff to be completely inattentive or the opposite but unknowledgable (we were going to buy a dylon vacuum and one of the staff took it upon himself to demo it to us and I ended up showing home how it worked!!!)