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John Lewis unveils own-brand JL9000 webOS smart TVs

John Lewis webOS TV
By Alex Dobie on 6 May 2014 05:14 am

Looks like that rumor about UK retailer John Lewis [prepping its own webOS-powered smart TVs was right on the money. The retailer has today announced three new sets running webOS in collaboration with LG, which owns the platform. The 1080p smart TVs with passive 3D tech come in 49-, 55- and 60-inch flavors, for £1399, £1699 and £2100 respectively. A 50-watt, 2.2 channel soundbar is included in the stand, along with a subwoofer and two pairs of 3D glasses.

John Lewis' JL9000-series TVs also boast an 8-megapixel camera for Skype calls, as well as a "magic remote" allowing pointing, scrolling, gesture or voice commands. The company boasts of built-in apps for NOW TV, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Demand5, YouTube, Skype, Twitter and Facebook.

The JL9000 TVs are available now from John Lewis' brick-and-mortar and online stores, and buyers will get a five-year guarantee included at no extra cost.

For more on webOS TV, be sure to check out our first look from CES 2014.

Source: John Lewis

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Reader comments

John Lewis unveils own-brand JL9000 webOS smart TVs


As the five year warranty is available on any TV it will be interesting to see how they market this in store in comparison to named rivals. The general public generally just look at names.

I thought webos was very sleek when it came out. I would be very interested in seeing what they have done in the past few years.

webOS was very good from a user perspective and there are still things my day one Pre can do that Android/iOS cannot or does poorly. I have not tried it on a TV but from my experience of it on a phone/tablet the inuitive nature should translate well.

The base looks a little clunky but otherwise I like the design. I hope LG does really well with WebOS on their TVs and decides to dabble with it a bot more in their other appliances and maybe even electronics.

WebOS Smartwatch anyone?

I think WebOS is suited for a format like a tv. Let's just wait until Android TV comes out though :P

Doh!! I just bought a new TV with a five year warrenty, now I gotta wait. Still not sold on 3D TV, not a fan of having to wear glasses

I've got one of the new webOS TV's and the interface is truly well done.  I miss webOS on phones (still run a Pre2 and Pre3 every so often)... and you can still feel bits of the OS in the television UI in that it keeps apps "live" in cards that you can switch to and instantly pick up where you left off (ie: Netflix, YouTube, etc.).  Beautifully done interface and the design of the John Lewis sets is really sleek.

I'd like to see a video of the UI of the webOS TV. It would be interesting to compare the UI of the TV to that of a webOS tablet or smartphone.

I'm still very skeptical around many of these TV enhancements. We all know that TV manufacturers are doing everything they can to get customers to upgrade. 3D, smart, increasing resolution. Whatever it takes. I upgraded my TV years ago when it was flat, had HDMI input, and a VGA input. I've also got a dedicated computer connected to it. So what enhancements would prompt me to spend $1000+? Beyond my current setup of a powerful Windows 7 PC connected to my TV, what could this do? I see there is a built-in camera which is nice but I'd be better off using a mobile device/tablet for Skype wouldn't I? Someone explain the use-case that would make this better than my current setup? Thanks.

The user interface, the guarantee, the good looks. i guess webOS will finally flourish somewhere. it looks pretty sleek and from what i have seen of webOS on TV, the concept looks good and works well. let's see how this goes for the software. i hope it works out !