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Kairos adds Windows Phone 8.1 support to their mechanical hybrid smartwatch

Kairos adds Windows Phone 8.1 support to their mechanical hybrid smartwatch
By Rich Edmonds on 23 May 2014 09:09 am

The Kairos startup has been turning heads due to its unique and rather ambitious designs. The company's smartwatch fuses together traditional mechanical functionality we've all come to know and love from a standard watch with a transparent display layered on top. The website only mentions support for Android and iOS, but due to overwhelming demand, the Kairos team have added Windows Phone 8.1 to its supported list.

While not listed on the website, Mobility Minded got in touch with Kairos and received a response noting plans to cover Microsoft's mobile platform. The watches are currently available for pre-order and now Windows Phone owners can get in on the action sine Windows Phone will be supported by the OS. Pricing starts at $499 and are early bird special deals (ending July 1st).

It's a huge move for Windows Phone, especially if this smartwatch becomes reality (which we surely hope it will!). What are your thoughts on the watch concept?

Source: Mobility Minded

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Kairos adds Windows Phone 8.1 support to their mechanical hybrid smartwatch


For 2000 bucks I'd expect this thing to connect to my scribal cortex - forcing my phone to dial a contact as it enters my head, rejecting calls with politer text messages than sometimes I generally think.. (^o^)

The prices start at $499 which is right inline with other non-mechanical smartwatches. The $2000 is for their top of the line. I think of this watch more as a low-end luxury that integrates smartwatch features and quite frankly its a lot sexier and timeless than a Samsung or Pebble.

I contacted them about adding BB10 support, or even just letting me know if the android apk will run on BB10 and they said that they haven't tried and that he would have to get back to me but it "may be doable".

Smartwatch fans from Windows Mobile platform will surely be so happy right now. I envy them. Support for BlackBerry 10 please!

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Wow, thats an awesome watch!
Finally something that will work with my Lumia! I really think that smartwatches should be round... If they are to be adopted by regular people, they should be more fashionable than products like Galaxy Gear and the likes.. :)

Yeah...at the prices they're looking for, I don't really see Kairos turning many heads. There is certainly a market for upscale timepieces, but I can't see many people shelling out those sorts of dollars for a technology that is changing so rapidly. So $1,000 for a nice watch...sure (I don't have one, but can understand it). $1,000 for something that will be obsolete in a couple of months...probably not.

I find it's a beautiful watch. Great concept to make the smartwatch look more fashionable and luxurious, instead of just being a gadget on your wrist. It's on my "to watch" list.

Great news, as it seems they know WP is becoming more of the market share, and they're adjusting accordingly. Luxury watches are fr a select population, but they also don't want to limit that population. We'll see how this goes...
I still think it looks fantastic, and if I had the money, I'd seriously consider it!