Listen up! Always!

When you cook up and plate a gourmet recipe at home, it's easy to show the whole internet how brilliant you are. Unfortunately when you say something hilarious, there's no record of it...until now!

Speak up

Kapture is the first wearable designed to capture and share those great audio moments that pop up in your day! If you're hanging with the fam and one of the kids says something totally inappropriate but equally hilarious Kapture will ensure you have that audio to enjoy and share immediately! The Kapture microphone is always recording in one minute intervals so you can go back in time and relive the brilliant thoughts or funny jokes you just heard, even when you don't see them coming!



Kapture is the wearable dedicated to capturing your audio memories and sharing them with your phone!

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Come again?

Kapture connects to your phone via Bluetooth. If someone pays you a compliment, you hear a brilliant snippet of wisdom, or hope to blackmail a friend who confess to bailing on their date to go out drinking with you, a simple tap on Kapture sends that sixty-second audio snippet to your phone. From there you can relive the moment, edit it to the good part, or share it to social media!

The battery lasts about 15 hours, so it can get you through your day pretty easily. Kapture is available in six colours to match your personal style!