Welcome a new character into your kitchen.

Some things in the kitchen are functional tools. Some things are fun decor. Some things are both.

Grate ideas

Koziol is a German company known as much for their thoughtfully-designed products as their social responsibility. Kasimir means "to destroy an opponent" which is an apt name for this company's powerful little cheese grater.

This friendly hedgehog pops up his quills to help you finely grate your favorite Parmesan, mozzarella, and other hard cheeses. Available in a rainbow of colors to pop or blend with the decor in your kitchen, the Kasimir cheese grater is ergonomically shaped to give you maximum torque and power for each pull, allowing you to efficiently grate cheese, zest citrus, or shave chocolate. The arched body of the hedgehog allows you to shred a large portion of food onto a cutting board or plate.

Kasimir Cheese Grater

Kasimir cheese grater in black.


This cheese grater was designed for ease-of-use and fun style to add character to your kitchen.

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Manufactured without thermosetting plastics, BPA, or softeners, this sweet-faced hedgehog is not only good at his job, but good for your household. Koziol manufactures all of their products in a facility that uses natural spring water to cool their plastics and stringent waste disposal policies to manage their excess materials. Putting just as much thought into the way they manufacture their products as creating the products themselves, you can be sure the Kasmir Cheese Grater will be a popular kitchen companion in your home.