Simple. Smart. Safe.

Forget about your valuables next time you're at the beach. Throw them in an AquaVault so you can enjoy the sun and surf.

It's safe to go back in the water

Unless you can see Jaws lurking in the depths, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to enjoy the beach, including worrying about your wallet, watch, keys, phone or other valuables. No more hiding items in your shoe or under your towel and hoping that no one comes by. The AquaVault Portable Outdoor Safe is a compact and stylish personal safe that quickly and safely attaches to almost all beach furniture. The visual alone is a deterrent to most would-be thieves.

AquaVault Portable Outdoor Safe


The AquaVault Portable Outdoor Safe attaches to most beach furniture and keeps your wallet, phone, keys and other valuables protected while you enjoy the beach or pool.

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Portable. Secure.

Made of durable, high-impact ABS thermoplastic, the AquaVault personal safe is designed to withstand aggressive attempts to get at your valuables. The innovative safe, which was featured on Shark Tank, weighs a mere one-and-a-half pounds. It has a 120-square-inch space for the important items you want to keep out of harm's way and out of thieves' hands. The personal lock box has a sleek, white look and features a three-digit rental grade lock and UV-inhibiting ABS. It will keep your valuables secure, so you can stop worrying about your stuff and working on your tan lines. Because nobody ever packed up the car and went to the beach to sit and guard their wallet.