Now You're Playing With Power!

The nostalgia a classic gaming console evokes is something magical. Now you can be transported back to those days of controller-swinging jumps, late nights with no save-points, and learning all of the swear words every time you hang up your keys with Keytendo!

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A place for everything and everything in its place. This simple adage is the easiest way to make sure you don't lose stuff. The Keytendo ensures you always have a place to keep your keys. On it's own the Keytendo isn't a connected household item, but you throw something like the Bravo tracker on your keychain and not only will you always be able to find your keys with your phone, you'll have a sweet spot to store them at home!


Keytendo is a Kickstarter Project bringing retro gaming and your keys together at last!


Keytendo is the perfect keychain hanger for the retro gamer!

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The Keytendo Kickstarter project creates a feature piece in your home to show your personality. The keychains plug into the holder much like you would plug in an original controller. The cartridge lid is replaced with a small closing shelf. If your key doesn't work in a lock, you can even try blowing on it and putting it back in, just like you did with Duck Hunt!