This week on KickedTV, Kim Gessel and Drew Kozub bring us their picks of this week's best Crowdfunding projects from around the internet. They show off the latest in technlogy with a shower head that uses 70% less water, portable miniature scales that do a lot for their size, and a few other neat projects. Check it out!


At #5 is Mynt, the world's thinnest and most durable tracker and remote. What you'll get is a tiny little 5.5 x 2.5 cm stainless steel tracker that comes with a strap and two 3M adhesive pads. Simply attach the little device to your phone, wallet, laptop or whatever it is you may want help with finding should you misplace it. It's definitely really small, and the replaceable battery will last up to one full year. The remote itself will find that tracker for you, but it also doubles up as a programmable remote for your phone's camera shutter or as presentation remote, music control remote, and more. Most of the $15 early birds are gone, but for $20 they promise to ship you a Mynt by November.

Pledge to get your Mynt tracker and remote / $20


At #4 is the OMO+. OMO is short for Optical Music Object, and it's a portable battery powered Bluetooth music speaker and disco light show projector. OMO+ comes with an 11,000 mAh battery that can rock the party with lights and sound for up to 8 hours. It's also fully waterproof and will float on water. It's said to offer a higher quality of sound than most Bluetooth speakers on the market because of its slightly larger shape allowing it to fit 40 watts of power with four integrated speaks and two subs. There are some $129 pledge spots available that promise to get you an OMO+ by October.

Pledge to get the OMO+ speakers / $ 129

Nebia Shower Head

At #3 is the Nebia Shower head. We've seen this product before and its gotten unbelievable support from people wanting it. Over 2.8 million dollars has been pledged by people wanting to get the next generation shower head. Nebia uses up to 70% less water by atomizing it into millions of tiny droplets. It will save the average California home of four up to $397 a year by using 21 thousand fewer gallons annually. Nubia hopes to help save the environment by putting their product out to the market by May 2016. It will retail for $399, but there are $299 pledge early bird spots that can get you a unit.

Pledge to the Nebia shower head / $ 299


At #4 is the Weighitz, the miniature smart weighing device that can be used to turn any platform into a smart weighing scale. Each Weighitz can weigh up to 90 lbs and adding more will increase that by an additional 90lbs. These little portable devices can be used in the kitchen, for weighing luggage, or even as a personal bathroom scale. By using the Android and iOS app, you will be able to track your weight over time, and combined with the kitchen scale will help you to measure the calories consumed by weighing your food. For a $36 pledge, you get one Weighitz or three for $90. They promise a February delivery.

Pledge to get your Weighitz / $36-90