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KidFit activity tracker revives the slap bracelet

KidFit activity tracker revives the slap bracelet
By Chuong H Nguyen on 1 Jul 2014 07:57 pm

Though there isn't any shortage of wearables aimed at the children's market, the KidFit activity tracker revives a classic form factor that was popular in the 80s: the slap bracelet. At its core, the KidFit is a wearable wristband that measures how active your children are and is tied to an iOS or Android app where parents can set rewards if children meet their fitness goals, providing a positive incentive to stay fit and healthy.

That said, the novelty of the KidFit bracelet is that it comes in the form of a slap bracelet. Rather than being attached to the wrist with either a watch-style strap or velcro, the KidFit wraps around the wrist when it is lightly tapped, similar to the slap bracelets from the 80s and 90s.

The device connects to an Android or iOS device via Bluetooth and can sync with a free app. The device is on pre-sale now for $39.99 and will go up to its MSRP of $49.99 when it ships on August 15.

Though food tracking isn't part of the KidFit app, the app can also calculate how much rest a child gets as well. A single app can support multiple KidFit bracelets for households with multiple children.

Source: KidFit via Mashable

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KidFit activity tracker revives the slap bracelet


If it's monitoring activity and sleep and connects to an app to monitor it then it sounds like most of the other fitness wear out there. Why are they $99 and up?

Activity trackers are great for those who genuinely wish to track their activity. But they are easy to fool. Those who want it to be accurate won't bother, but if it's meant to be used to keep tabs on a kid, I can see it failing. A kid sitting in front of his friend's tv can easily fool the tracker into thinking he's just run a mile. That is, unless they've built some kind of safeguard into the unit...but I doubt that.