Our apologies if you read this and feel old

Kids these days have it nice and simple in their lives when it comes to tech gadgets. Smartphones that stream movies, music, relay news and weather and pretty much anything else their heart desires all at a fingers touch. They also have tablets, computers, game consoles and all the other amazing gadgets society has created in the last 20 years or so. If you grew up in the 80's and 90's chances are you struggled with some of the quirks of old technology. Here are some pre-internet and smartphone era problems kids of today will never have to endure.

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1. VHS Tapes:

Many kids today won't even know what these are. Maybe you've got some boxed up in your house, or your kids see them at their grandparents house during a visit. VHS tapes were the standard before DVDs became hip. They weren't that fun, they liked to skip and make funny noises, and they also needed rewinding. Every so often they jammed or needed some precise repairing. Despite the flaws, they will still forever be awesome and kids today won't ever know the struggles they brought with it.

2. Phone Books

For some reason, they still deliver these in a lot of places, but pretty much no one uses them anymore. Well, kids today don't. It's much simpler just to google for numbers on your smartphone or tablet. Some people are even yelling at things called Siri and Alexa to do it.

3. Film Cameras

Remember when you took a picture and then had to take it to the store to see how it turned out? Well, your kids don't. Cameras now are way cooler and easier, and everyone has one attached to their hip. They even sync and backup to the cloud for you. What more do you kids want?

4. Nintendo Cartridges

It's pretty easy to download and play your favourite Xbox One and PS4 games isn't it. Remember when back in the day you had to blow into your Nintendo game just to get the thing to boot? The endless frustration that forever holds a place in our hearts. You missed out kids of today.

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5. Encarta '95

We didn't have Wikipedia or Google to get answers to everything in the world. We had Encarta '95, which in itself was amazing considering you had to go to the Library before that. Thanks for the homework help Microsoft.

6. Walkman and Discman

No one had iPods and cellphones to store music. MP3s weren't even out yet, and you certainly couldn't just stream stuff. Who's Youtube? What's a Vevo? We had Walkmans, first for tapes and then for CDs. You were pretty hip around town if you owned one. They skipped and could hold a max of 20 songs, but they sure made you happy.

7. Blockbuster & VHS Rental Stores

A relaxing night at home watching movies also included a run to your favourite local VHS rental store. We didn't get to stream and binge on Netflix. Instead, we spend countless hours walking the aisles of Blockbuster reading the back of boxes looking for something good.

8. Floppy Disks

Reliable storage backups were not around. Instead, we used floppy discs that made crazy noises and got bad read sectors that destroyed all our important data. Enjoy your sd Cards and usb Thumb drives and be thankful you never got to experience these.

9. T9 Texting

Before big touchscreen cellphones and the invention of BlackBerry devices with Qwerty keyboards, we had to use flip-phones with T9 texting. It was confusing, slow, and you looked ridiculous doing it, but some of us became wizards at it. Kids today will never know the struggle of T9 texting.

10. Pagers

Having a cell phone was expensive, and if you wanted to feel slightly more connected, you had to go out and get a pager. If someone wanted to get a hold of you, they'd dial and ask the call center employee to leave you a message. When your pager beeped, you had to run to your nearest phone and call them back. It was ridiculous, but sure made you feel connected.

11. Modems and Faxes

When the internet finally started to gain traction we had to use dial-up modems to connect. If you had a 56K modem, you were doing alright. It would make funny noises and took a bit to connect, and it took up your phone line, so you had to disconnect in order to make a call. The struggle was real.

12. Dial-up speeds

When you finally did manage to get on the internet, it was super slow. After you found that mp3 tune you've been looking for it would take thirty or more minutes to download. Kids today will never know.

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