Now that's using your melon!

Summer's tastiest fruit is sadly one of the hardest to prepare. Stop risking your digits as you try and Samurai your way into a watermelon and start using an ingenious tool to get that tasty fruit out of the rhine and into your belly.

Cut right to it

When was the last time you sliced a watermelon? And how did it turn out? You probably got a few good pieces that were neat little triangles. But most of them end up being paper thin or monstrously thick. Slices are too big to bite so you end up with weird watermelon juice all over your cheeks. It's time to start eating watermelon like a grown-up. It's time to try out the Kitcherry Watermelon Slicer.

Kitcherry Watermelon Slicer

Kitchery's grippy wooden handle and serrated blade make it easy to slice through melons.


The Kitcherry watermelon slicer is designed to cut out perfectly-shaped portions of watermelon and ensure you don't waste any fruit.

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A slice of life

This handy kitchen tool is designed with a mandolin strung between two tongs. Open the tongs, push your way your way through the watermelon's fruit, and squeeze the tongs together to pull out perfectly shaped slices of melon every time. The curved design of the tongs lets you get right down in there to scoop out every last bit of fruity goodness. The Kitcherry is simple to use, with an elegant design, which is going to help make your summer snacks a little easier to prepare.