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KITT is not happy with 'The Hoff' in new Samsung Smart Home video

By John Callaham on 3 Sep 2014 12:22 pm

The Samsung Smart Home division is trying to show it has a sense of humor, along with a deep nostalgia for TV shows in the 1980s, with a new video that features none other than David Hasseloff and his old buddy KITT from Knight Rider.

However, the video doesn't portray the talking car as being very friendly with "The Hoff" anymore as Hasselhoff is seen trying to film a commercial for Samsung Smart Home. Instead, the filming gets interrupted by the Knight Industries Two Thousand, who apparently is jealous that David is hanging out with another automated system.

Is it funny? Yes? Does it show anything about how Samsung Smart Home actually works to help a person automate duties in their house? No, but at least there will be a few more people who have been alerted to Samsung Smart Home on a general basis and perhaps that's the whole point. Well, that and the fact that Hasselhoff still isn't afraid to laugh at both himself and Knight Rider. What did you think of this video?

Source: Samsung on YouTube

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KITT is not happy with 'The Hoff' in new Samsung Smart Home video


Well done... loved Knight Rider growing up, so this hit a positive chord with me.

Loved the line "My dad may have mentioned it". My teen daughter would have said the same thing. Made me feel old!

Class. Although I'm surprised they get away with using the word w*nker!!

Theme tune to knight rider is still best tv theme tune of all time.

yours faithfully,

The marketing makes sense since the demographics of those old enough to afford a house and interested in putting high tech tech things embedded into it were kids that grew up watching a bit of Knight Rider (or close enough to get the joke).