Kosmo is a connected eCigarette for the future you

By Adam Zeis on 2 Jul 2014 03:12 pm

Electronic cigarettes seem to be all over the place these days. What started out as a simple "stick" device to help smokers quit their addition, has turned into much more with bigger batteries and extensive mods taking the stage. So it's no surprise that e-cigs have now made their way into the connected space as well with the likes of MyVaps and a new device that arrived on Indiegogo dubbed Kosmo.

Kosmo is a connected e-cog that lets you take control of your vaping by way of a companion app on iOS or Android. The app lets you track your vaping by showing your nicotine dashboard, friend stats, battery life of your cig and much more. The cig itself even has an LED that changes color to let you know just how much you're vaping so you can always stay in check. The Kosmo is compatible with all eGo accessories too, so you won't have to look to far to find any extras.

The Indiegogo campaign is looking to reach €30,000 and has hit around €7,600 already with 25 days to go. If you're looking to take your vaping to the next level and quit analogs for good, Kosmos is worth a look.

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Kosmo is a connected eCigarette for the future you