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Kreyos addresses issues with Meteor, production back on track

By Adam Zeis on 27 Feb 2014 09:41 am

The Kreyos team has been having a rough few weeks with the delays of their Meteor devices, but it seems like things are moving along much better as of late. Issues with the Meteor first arose a few weeks back, ultimately pushing back shipments and making for some understandably upset backers. They've since found a fix however and are pushing ahead with the first shipments which are set to go out in April.

Kreyos has this to say via their blog:

We’ve created new molds that would shield the speaker—effectively suppressing sound that may accidentally be picked up by the microphone. We also went ahead and repositioned the microphone, improving its directional pick up. As mentioned on the previous update, the tests with the prototypes have successfully addressed the issue.

So it does seem like they're back where they need to be and are trying their best to get things done. Barring further issues we should see Meteor units start shipping in a few more weeks. Hang in there!

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Kreyos addresses issues with Meteor, production back on track


Very frustrating. But we seem to be getting there. (Fingers crossed!)

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Sorry for that, Alicia. We never intended to frustrate you. We really just wanted to give a product that is like no other in the market. The shipping date is near, so we ask for your continued support and patience of our product.

I got one too... Still have my order for the Kreyos just because I want to get rid of my Nexus and stick with just my Nokia Lumia 1520... Pebble refuse to support it...

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i agree i ale have the pebble, but i am also very patiently waiting for this as well! it won't be long now! the best thing about it is the handsfree calling and that it will work on three os's! windows phone, iOS, and android! very excited about the kreyos!

Windows phone support would be great for the Pebble. I had a Lumia 928 for a few months and loved it, but I ended up passing it on to my wife and going back to Android. I'm going to stick with Pebble until the next generation of watches come out next year. One thing I have learned already - app support for this thing is key to success. Even with the richest ecosystem of any smart watch, I still find myself constantly saying "wow, it would be great if there was a Pebble app/watchface for ____". I'm afraid it will either take too long for the Kreyos to catch up, or it won't happen at all.

Hey kreyos. I'm a preorder (not backer) is delivery likely to be in may,for preorders?

I'm getting excited!!!

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