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Kreyos apps now available for Android and iPhone

Kreyos App
By Adam Zeis on 5 Aug 2014 09:48 am

Backers of the Kreyos Meteor have been more than patient waiting for their new smartwatches to arrive. After running into some issues a few months ago, the folks at Kreyos got things fixed up and are finally getting new devices shipped out this week. To go along with the new devices, some brand new apps for both iPhone and Android are in tow.

The essential apps pair up to your Android or iOS device and allow it to communicate with your Kreyos Meteor. After connecting to the app, you can configure your watch, sync your activity and sports mode data with the Kreyos web application, view a detailed history of your daily stats, set goals and much more.

Features include:

  • Sports Mode for walking, running and cycling
  • Statistics on speed, time, distance and calories burned.
  • Shows the route you've cycled, walked or ran.
  • Daily Target allows you to set goals for your daily activities.
  • Various feature settings for the Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch

The apps are free for both iPhone and Android. You can check out more on Kreyos or purchase a Meteor from their website.

Are you planning on picking up a Meteor? Have one on the way? Let us know in the comments!

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Reader comments

Kreyos apps now available for Android and iPhone


They have shown a video of it previously so I'm sure its coming. Just check the page to check

yours faithfully,

Yes, we are all waiting for the Windows Phone version to arrive.
And we all waited for over a year for the device to ship.
And now that we have received the watch, we still have no Windows Phone version.

And being forced to use the Android version, just to see what on Earth we croudfunded, we are severely disappointed. The Android app is so primitive by modern standards, crashes and provides little polish to speak of. User picture appears distorted, button selections are ambiguous and the whole look is 3 years old. Very sad state of affairs.

The UI of the watch, is crude, the fonts small and hard to read. The famed water resistance is already causing grief in people who took the claim to task and tried swimming with it, ending in dead units. Not to mention anything of the promised functionality. Notifications do not come in as advertized. Speaker after two supposed redesigns and delays is still muffled and distorted. Gestures are not working reliably.

Waiting for the Windows Phone app, I am not holding my breath any more. Their support has been non-responsive to requests. 'We are applying our finishing touches in our Windows Phone software' they say. And I hate to say, but looking at their half-baked Android offering, I would say that they are have not even started making it. Mockups are easy to make, you know. Seriously, this is just another failed promise, another croudfunded effort that promised too much and delivered perhaps a quarter of it.

We lost our funds, but it is the nature of the game.
We agreed to croudfund them, so it is our mistake, if you want.

For the rest of you folks that are considering it, I would say:

Move along folks, there's nothing to see here.

Sorry Kreyos people, that is the honest truth of it. Have you really tried to use this?
Have you compared it to the Pebbles, Gears, and Android Wears of the world?

Prove me wrong - Really do it.

Thank you for reading.

Kreyos is "UNRELIABLE"... they dont reply for questions..!! i am one of the backers with NO tracking NUMBER nor the WATCH.. NOW they changed the condition we cant GET OUR REFUND!!

Should have gotten the refund when you had the chance. This device makes me miss my wind up Mickey Mouse watch circa 1976 for functionality

I was an early backer and have received my device. In one word: crap.

It is a cheap, plastic piece of garbage that is as scratch resistant as cellophane. It functions best as a watch, and it's multiple time displays is its best feature.

I have given up on utilizing any of the blue tooth functions as the device will not maintain connectivity with my iPhone and, even if it did, who cares? Voice and speaker functions are useless anyway.

I will donate mine to the Smithsonian. They can place it next to the Edsel in their Hall of Epic Fails.

It's no wonder the developers wish to remain anonymous. They need jobs. But as CEO of my own company, if you have Kreyos on your resume, please know if it crosses my desk it will subsequently end up in the trash.