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Kreyos delays once more, now due to ship May 15th

By Adam Zeis on 23 Apr 2014 08:14 am

The folks at Kreyos have once again updated their status, much to the dismay of anxious backers. They've once again delayed shipments and the first devices are now set to release between May 15th and 20th. It's a full month behind their last estimated ship date and certainly doesn't make for happy customers.

From their Facebook page:

Hey Everyone,

Over the last couple of updates, we gave details on the components that we'll be using to put together your Meteors and gave you a high-level update on our plans related to our initial manufacturing run.

A couple of updates before that, we detailed our plan to fix the mic and speaker-related issues that prompted us to make the difficult decision to push our target shipping date back.

Part of the aforementioned fix, aside from modifying how the mic and speaker are going to be laid out within the Meteor's enclosure was ordering a new and improved speaker component which, along with the structural modifications we made to the internal layout of the watch, will give users a solid boost as far as sound quality, clarity and volume would go. The speakers are, in fact, the final piece of the puzzle and our supplier has committed to delivering these components between the end of the month at the earliest and the first week of May at the latest.

In light of the unforeseen delay in the delivery of the new speaker components, it is with a heavy heart that we are announcing that we are moving our target shipping date to sometime between the 15th and the 20th of May.

Announcements like this are never easy to make and we honestly share everyone's disappointment in not being able to ship this month. However, we firmly believe that this is the only right thing to do and the entire team remains confident that once we do ship, with ongoing, parallel developments to our mobile and web applications you are going to receive a superior product and still come away with the best-in-class health and fitness smartwatch in the market.

At the risk of downplaying this delay announcement, we want to assure you that this is a very minor setback. We've already booked and finalized our slot with our manufacturing partners and, as soon as the new speakers arrive, it will take them no longer than 10-14 days to deliver the initial batch of Meteors. We intend to ship the Meteors out to you as soon as the production facility churns them out, tests them and packs them.

Again, we apologize for this setback but, at the same time, are very appreciative of everyone's continued support. Our journey has been longer than what we originally imagined and intended but we truly are at the homestretch.

You've already waited this long and stood with us as we carried this project across the finish line. We're hoping that you'll wait a little bit more. As always, if you have any questions you can comment on the this thread or send us an email via Thanks for all the support, guys!

So that's that. Unfortuantely a bit more of a wait for Kreyos pre-orders, but hopefully this time is really the last.

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Reader comments

Kreyos delays once more, now due to ship May 15th


Not as bad as the AGENT getting pushed from a December ship date to what is now looking like August at best.

I'm waiting on my Kreyos but after all these setbacks and delays I am tempted to cancel.

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I have requested my refund. I'm going to sit back and see what develops over coming weeks or months. If I still feel kreyos is best choice I will reorder.
If they ship end of may it will be in my hands start of June earliest. And that's assuming it gets through customs etc OK.

By then I reckon other devices will be starting to become available so am taking the opportunity to wait.

yours faithfully,

I really wanted a Meteor, wanted to love it... but with all the delays and confusion, they sure make it hard. As much as the feature set appeals to me, this far into the game, the device looks really ugly and dated--especially with so many more elegant products out and coming out. My order has been cancelled.

Hi. Did you get your refund quickly? I only requested mine this morning but am hoping they will sort sooner rather than later

yours faithfully,

They refunded it within 24 hours of my final request, it took a few business days to post to my credit card as is standard.

I'm so done with this company. Every time they've delayed they've lied to backers right up til the 11th hour, in this case just hours before this latest announcement they were still insisting it would be April. Worst part is that the technology and design are going to be so dated by the time it finally does hit the market that I've lost all interest. Should've just gone with someone who was proven already. This whole experience has really kind of soured me on crowdfunding.

Read that this morning and have been pissed ! Was really hoping to get me hands on em within the week.

That guy that does the social media for them does sound like a kid just out of high-school. He by no means is a refined writer. I bet you he is that jackass that did the couple videos from CES this year. Why would Kreyos put that kid as the face of the company's support and PR staff stumps me.


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Hah, I don't think it's the same guy. Their social media guy is in china, which somewhat explains why things seem to get lost in translation with him. I'm glad I never backed this product... Too many other smart watches on the horizon to be interested in this one anymore.

Hi wingfield. I'd like to know too. Someone over on Facebook has posted lots of things about kreyos which make me suspicious. That said they told me they would refund me so will keep an eye out for it hitting my card before I decide they are a scam.

Copy of that comment from facebook below (not my comment!)

Kreyos. If you were Apple or Samsung and announced delays on a new product we would patiently wait. We would not even need reasons to why. But you are a new company with a new product and there is a level of trust when dealing with the unknown. You have refused in the past to mention who the team is in interviews to the press saying the product is what matters not the people. You even avoided telling me the last name of Rein your digital marketing specialist when what I wanted was a mailing address. Because you have two addresses. One is a virtual office space rented out and the other is a residential apartment. Your phone number on file at CES and the trademarks you filed doesn't work. As for your two trademarks for the logos one was suspended a few weeks ago. I don't see a developer account with apple. I don't see a lot of things. That doesn't mean you are not legitimate but in the age of Nigerian letter scams and identity theft people have a right to know who and what they are dealing with. I'm sure you are legitimate but without full disclosure to the people who matter the most that level of Trust I just mentioned is just not there.

There are other comments about missing FCC and CE markings too.
yours faithfully,

First I've seen of this,looks nice but it seems many of you got the runaround?

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@wingfield how do you know the social media guy is in China? I'm hearing unsettling things about their team and would be keen to hear any other news about this mysterious unnamed set of social (media if not general) rejects.

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On one of their previous post, I think it was a picture post, he said "here in china" referring to himself or "over here in china" can't remember which post it was unfortunately. But kreyos themselves have been honest in saying their "team" Is scattered in multiple places.

I found it! On august 13th they posted a picture of a pen and envelope that says thank you "even though down with a heavy flu (thanks to the 45 degree Celsius weather in china)". No way of knowing if this is the same person auto replying on all social media but it wouldn't surprise me.

There was a comment on idiegogo comment section about a week ago from someone that knows one of the Kreyos ppl. He said that half of there team left awhile back.

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Cha from Kreyos here.
in light of the recent update, we notified you guys soon as we got the news.
rest assured this is the last hitch before the Meteor ships. keep you posted with updates on the production run.
the Kreyos team is intact and working together to deliver the quality smartwatch.

Charlene. I think they might have been referring to this (thus is copied and pasted from an email from your company after I complained at the last delay)

Thanks for getting in touch!

I really do understand where you are coming from, and I sincerely apologize for the delay.
As a start up which launched July last year, and have had to face shipping delays due to our commitment with the quality of the watches that we will be shipping, there were also internal problems that we faced, such as the resignation of our community managers after we finished our crowd funding last August.

Since then, we have worked extremely hard in order to meet our goal to ship everything out this April.
As of the moment, we are already finalizing everything with our shipping partners, though the estimate time for shipping hasn't been realized yet but we're doing our very best to set your expectation.

I would be interested in seeing how many people have asked for refunds to see what kind of hit Kreyos has taken. Perhaps create a survey here?

since this dates back to Aug '13, we already have a team in place doing the work.
rest assured, team Kreyos is working hard to deliver quality Meteor smartwatch.
thank you.