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Kreyos finally begins shipping devices to backers

By Adam Zeis on 1 Aug 2014 11:39 am

Some fun Friday news for Kreyos backers today as initial Meteor shipments are finally on the way. It's been a long, impatient road for many who have been overly-anxious to get their hands on a Meteor, but they should soon be finding a good home. We too hope to have one in the next few days, so expect a full review with our thoughts very soon.

Here's what Kreyos had to say:

Hi Everyone,

We're glad to announce that your orders have started shipping!

Our logistics partner have completed picking, packing and shipping a batch of orders yesterday and today and expect to complete shipping out all orders within the next couple of days.

Some of you have already received your tracking numbers via email. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for tracking information related to your order to appear on our partner's site.

We apologize for slightly missing our last shipping estimate. We appreciate your patience throughout the entire project.

Our real work, however, has only begun. Now we need to listen and talk with you guys, hear what you have to say about the Meteor and its apps and work with you, the community, to fix any bugs you may find and develop new features and products that would complement what we already have out in the market.

As always, please email us at for any questions.

Best regards,

The Kreyos Team

So there you have it — the wait is mostly over!

Are you waiting on a Kreyos Meteor? Excited to get your hands on one? Sound off in the comments!

Thanks Duncan!

Reader comments

Kreyos finally begins shipping devices to backers


Hi, Most of the people who have received the tracking number are reporting that the wrong items are being sent to them, wrong address, and so on. There is no app or SDK yet. There is still an uncertainty on the water resistance rating as Kreyos can not decide if its Ip67 or "5 meters" ,so lets wait and see..

And 2 weeks later, I'm an "early bird" backer (so early stage that the category doesn't even appear on Indiegogo any more) and still don't have a tracking number. Not that I think I want the piece of crap at this point, given the litany of hardware, firmware, and software problems with it.