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Kreyos Founder: 'Kreyos is really done, our reputation is already shot beyond redemption'

By Adam Zeis on 15 Sep 2014 08:01 am

Over the weekend we heard the news that Kreyos was going open source, and that the outlook for the company wasn't the brightest. Today Kreyos founder, Steve Tan, dropped a long post and update via Facebook detailing the full background on Kreyos — from conception to the state they're currently in.

"Kreyos is really done, our reputation is already shot beyond redemption"

It's no secret that they Kreyos project hasn't turned out as planned. After multiple shipping delays and other setbacks, backers who did receive their devices were extremely dissatisfied — and for good reason. The Meteor units that were shipped were plagued with hardware and software issues, users reporting everything from water damage to nonfunctioning firmware.

Tan starts off by saying:

"I want to offer my sincerest apologies to all the backers and customers who pledged for or pre-ordered the Kreyos Meteor. I am fully aware that the final product didn't end up being the product we envisioned and ultimately detailed on our Indiegogo campaign."

From there he goes on to explain the origins of Kreyos — how the project was conceived and what steps were taken to make it a reality. Tan talks about their partnership with Viewcooper Corp and CEO Pro Yang, and talks about the "intricate conspiracy" that was perpetrated against Kreyos.

"I wish I learned earlier about all the troubling things about Viewcooper. Perhaps the Kreyos story would've played differently than it did. Instead, Kreyos itself along with our backers and customers all fell victim to an elaborate white collar crime perpetrated by Viewcooper."

The post continues on in detail about the partnership, contracts and finances of the agreement. There is a breakdown of each step that shows how Kreyos attempted to proceed and where things ultimately went wrong.

Tan goes on to explain that "All hell breaks loose. I was accused of being a scammer and trying to run away with all the money we raised on Indiegogo," and asks "why didn't Pro invest in talent or hiring the right people."

In the end, Kreyos will be releasing all of their source code for Android, iOS and Windows Phone in hopes of the developer community putting the Kreyos to good use. But in the end, as Tan states, **"Kreyos will shut down all operations worldwide by end of September 2014.""

So there you have it. After many, many months of waiting (and complaining), Kreyos will be ceasing operations and the Meteor we all wanted will (most like) never see the light of day.

Take a read through Steve Tan's entire post here.

What are your thoughts? Were you a Meteor backer? Sound off in the comments!

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Reader comments

Kreyos Founder: 'Kreyos is really done, our reputation is already shot beyond redemption'


It is a really sad state of affairs. The worst part is that this is leaving such an epic bad taste with regards to "crowd-funding". Why would anyone trust another project? Not to say there aren't those that deliver. I was fortunate enough to back appx. 15 project from Kickstarter and only one has had tremendous delays to where I wanted to back out, and even then I was lucky enough to receive a full refund from the company.
This still does not help, especially for those who were "first time buyers" on the medium.
I guess thats where faith comes in, still a sad situation.

If you read the article they linked to, its pretty clear that they got conned/scammed by working with this odm. Their lack of experienced people in software and hardware development didn't help. If they only checked other competing odm's, they could of gotten a better understanding of costs.

Compuguy, not a guarantee either. Go read up on the agent smartwatch. Funny enough, the situation is so similar. And they too are plagued by delays and misinformation. Seems to be a familiar pattern these days on the crowd-funding sites. Sadly enough.

Except the one issue that wasn't touched on here was the fact that when they did the crowdfunding, they actually EXTENDED the funding period. While I do believe there is a bit of foul play here, I don't see Tan as innocent in any way shape or form. I think to an extent there was a bit of greed in his head that got to him enabling him to be taken advantage of even more so.

I agree. In fact, just to test out the theory,I sent them an email requesting information regarding the color and availability and the response was basically, sure! Whatever! Just give us your money.

Really sad. On top of that it looks like the future for the Agent smart watch isn't that great either. Massive delays, backers jumping ship and they are potentially running out of cash.
I guess what we are seeing is the result of people thinking that putting all that functionality into a watch would be easy when it looks like it is more than tricky.
Not even Apple delivered what I would call the close to perfect solution. And if they can't, I doubt a start-up can.