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Kreyos Meteor smartwatch software to go open source as its future looks grim

By John Callaham on 13 Sep 2014 08:39 am

The company behind the Kreyos Meteor smartwatch will release the software they developed for the device as an open source project, but the future prospects for the company are looking very grim.

The open source software news was posted by an employee of the company, Nikki Lao, on an unofficial Kreyos Facebook support page. Lao said the release would happen later this month "as Kreyos Philippines will cease operations and we'll be getting our last paychecks." Lao said an official announcement will be made soon concerning the future of Kreyos, but it doesn't sound good. Lao strongly hinted that the main partners of the company were now at odds with each other.

The team behind the Kreyos Meteor raised over $1.5 million to help fun the project via Indiegogo and the first shipments of the device were sent out earlier this summer. We should learn soon what the future holds for this product. What do you think about the fate of the Kreyos Meteor?

Source: Unofficial Kreyos Support Group on Facebook

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Kreyos Meteor smartwatch software to go open source as its future looks grim


An abject lesson in how not to conduct a crowd funded campaign. This should be a warning sign to those who facilitate the investment in these projects. Too many big campaigns like this going south and all the wise geeks are going to start staying away from these projects and companies like Indiegogo and Kickstarter are going to dry up. Right now they absolve themselves of any liability whatsoever in these campaigns. After they get their cut, you're on your own as a backer. They seriously need to change policies that either vet these campaigns a little more closely and/or take more responsibility when they fail or they aren't going to survive, plain and simple.

Honestly they didn't have the skills nor the experience nor the staff to pull this off. They handed off all of the work to the ODM, *trusting* them to do the work.

this thing HAS no future, no matter what they do with the software

it's crippled by it's hardware, the buttons are unusable, the screen is crap/unreadable, no touchscreen
the app is also pathetic

waste of time and money, IMNSHO