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Kreyos offers special edition belt clip as make good offer for backers

By Adam Zeis on 17 Feb 2014 09:29 am

If you've been following along with the Kreyos saga, you know that they've recently delayed the shipping of their Meteor watch due to an issue with the microphone and speaker. The devices are being revamped and are now scheduled to ship in April and many backers are a bit perturbed as the extended wait. 

In hopes of making amends, the folks at Kreyos have put up a "make good" offer for backers which we've learned is a limited-edition belt clip — the color of which will be chosen by backers. Up for consideration are ash grey, red, tangerine and yellow.

Kreyos has belt clips already available for pre-order in blue, lime, pink, white and black for $14.99. No word if everyone that pre-ordered will be getting the new clip, but so far it looks like it's only being offered to original backers. 

Backers — is the make good offer enough to make you wait things out? Sound off in the comments!

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Kreyos offers special edition belt clip as make good offer for backers


Not a backer myself but I preordered. I haven't had any contact so maybe preorders won't get the clip. Judging by comments in Facebook I think people are being offered 40% off v2 of the meteor as well

@Rhineym in the SWF forums mentioned this too the other day

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Pre-ordered. No communication of any Make Good offer. I did order the belt clip so I guess I don't really need an extra one but a 40% off V2 might be a good offer for pre-orders!

Kreyos has different accessories - watch band, belt clip, lanyard. The watch isn't permanently in the band and you can do with it what you'd like. 

I had also ordered a belt clip already so I can mount it to my bike (the reason I chose the meteor over the hot)
I do have 2 bikes so another Clip wouldn't go amiss. That said 40% off gen2 would be pretty sweet.

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I am an early backer. I got the offer for the belt clip. Also kreyos is offering all backers 40% off the next kreyos. Kreyos 2. But only if you stick it out until your kreyos is delivered in April,may or whenever that happens. I've backed many projects,there all late but kreyos is the first to offer something to keep its backers onboard

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I'm a backer myself and paid in June of last year, so it's definitely nice to have the free belt clip offered as well as the 40% off the next version of the watch after the wait with the revisions happening since January.

I work for Kreyos and we have the latest update here:
we understand that it's been a long process which has brought about frustration. and we thank those are willing to stick around. the great thing about Meteor accessories was highlighted by @Adam so you can change the look of your Meteor.