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Kreyos pushes Meteor ship date to April

By Adam Zeis on 22 Jan 2014 07:20 am

The Kreyos Meteor is perhaps one of the most anticipated smartwatches at the moment. Devices were set to start shipping to backers and pre-orders within the next few weeks, however the folks at Kreyos are pushing things back until April now due to some issues with the current units.

It seems that there is a problem with phone calls on the current Meteor devices, creating an echo loop for callers when using the speakerphone. 

From the Kreyos Facebook page:

It is in the process of conducting these same tests where we recently uncovered another issue--The mic and speaker creates an echo in active phone calls which is audible to the person a Meteor user is speaking with. In essence, if you're talking to someone through the Meteor, the person you're speaking with will hear himself or herself slightly. Having a mic and speaker in such a tight configuration within such a small watch is more complicated than what we originally anticipated.

We've seen in the past with companies like Pebble that having good communication is key — so hopefully Kreyos can keep us updated as the process moves along now. It's good that they dropped the note explaining the issues, but of course it sucks for anyone looking to get their hands on one soon.

You can check out the Kreyos Facebook page for all the details and future updates.

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Kreyos pushes Meteor ship date to April


I preordered. I have started looking around again and may cancel my preorder.
If I can find something like the pebble (runkeeper integration) but with voice calls and ability to bike mount I will go with that.

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Disappointed yes, but I'd rather be happy in April than frustrated in February. Might get a Pebble to tide me over...

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Can't even begin to say how disappointed I am at this point. Someone on Facebook summed up how I feel about this situation very well:

"There's no way you didn't know about this issue before now. Which means you were incredibly disingenuous with each and every person who visited your booth and watched the videos saying it was coming in February. You really want us to believe this popped up between now and the end of CES? There's no way. That would mean you had no working prototypes a month before shipping. Which no one would do. Which means you knew it wasn't going to ship in February. Delays I can handle. Blatant lies I cannot."

I'm one of the first 100 backers, so I def. feel your pain. You're comment very may well be the case but I'm sure not only me but a lot of backers have emailed them back with more questions. So I still want to hear what else they have to say and how they might compensate us. I mentioned to them that they should at least send test units that they supposedly had to the backers in the time being but we'll sew what they say. This shouldn't be acceptable but it is a risk you take with kickstarter and indiegogo projects. I'll just have to spend a little more time with my pebble for the time being.

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I saw that post too. The only reason I haven't cancelled so far is that my second choice (the HOT) doesn't ship till march (which may also be subject to delays) and its not as easy to bike mount. That said the private calling feature is kind of cool.

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The shipping dates of these products have been like hot potatoes. Moving back with every toss. Guess i am ordering a couple Chinese Smartwatches to soothe my soul until the Hot and Kreyos ship. Will have to order the Pebble Steel too I guess. Pretty disappointed! Weekly updates on the progress would be great from Kreyos.

Was thinking a simple fix would be to add a little bump, really small that shields the mic from the speaker direction. Instead of the mic hole being cut out straight, they could cut it out in an angle away from the speaker and that could possible take care of the echo. Not a Hardware engineer or whatever but just a thought.

As a Windows Phone User and developer of 2 Pebble apps for WP8 this is interesting. I have been saying for months that many features that WP8 needs to correctly support smart watches will probably not be available until WP8.1 in April 2014. (Unless they get special access from MS.)

Agent just indicated this week that they might need another 120 days with unforeseen issues and certifications. I was expecting Kreyos to say the same thing even though they said on tape at CES it would be Feburary. Now it's April.

I have also been listening to Agent and Kreyos supporters point out that I must be wrong because both the Agent and Kreyos are providing full WP8 support and will be available in December. (Err January. I mean February. April should do it as long as something else doesn't come up.)

I backed the Agent and the Kreyos and am looking forward to their watches. But I feel a little vindicated.

@badplanet. I have had the same suspicion all along. Though there is no way to intercept SMS at this time, I wonder how my car does it where it reads out the SMS from my WP8 phone from the BT connection.

I actually have my Lumia set to automatically speak my incoming SMS messages even when it is not connected to car Bluetooth. (I get about 2 a month.) If connected to your car WP8 uses the A2DP Bluetooth profile to communicate with you phone. I think this is audio only and does not support sending and receiving text as would be needed for a smart watch display. (I have to say SPP is the only profile I have had much actual development experience with so I could be wrong.)

I think if the watches communicate with HFP and AVRCP profiles they could provide call notifications and music control capability. I think the only way SMS could work as a Bluetooth only feature would be with MAP profile which Nokia announced they would bring to WP8 in October but they did not say when.

The Pebble does not support any of the profiles so everything has to be over SPP.

It's gotta be hard being a start up in this day and age. I would rather see a device pushed back than released half baked.