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Kreyos shows off their official Windows Phone app prior to launch

Kreyos Meteor
By Rich Edmonds on 13 Jun 2014 08:50 am

While the Kreyos team work hard to accommodate pre-orders for those who initially backed the smartwatch, an official Windows Phone app has been teased on the Kreyos Facebook page. It's an interesting development as we're still waiting for the likes of Pebble to get on-board with Windows Phone 8.1, which allows third-parties to tap into Bluetooth 4.0 and other system level functionality. Pop past the break to see some screenshots.

Kreyos WP App

The team has received numerous inquiries on progress made with Windows Phone support and today they've shared some details about the app being in the final stage of development. It's a neat looking app with functionality we imagine will match similar offerings on other mobile platforms. Who's looking to pick a Kreyos smartwatch up?

Source: Facebook; thanks, Michael, for the tip!

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Kreyos shows off their official Windows Phone app prior to launch


I'm still waiting for AGENT. Unless they end up dropping the project entirely I won't be buying another Smart Watch. Even if I did it would likely be a Hot watch since Microsoft is working with them directly.

I love that they are supporting WP but it looks huge and rather hideous. I will need to see one in person before deciding.

Wow that's bulky. I just got my Toq and the slim design is very ideal for my taste. This looks looks like those old school transformer robot watch

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I just cancelled got my money back last week. BUT, will order it when in stock. Them shipping the first batch in a ship which tKes a couple weeks just to get to the US shorelines was the last straw.

I have a Nokia Lumia Windows 8 phone that's been upgraded to 8.1, and now that I've finally received my Kreyos smart watch this week (after waiting since last November), I can't find the Kreyos app in my phone's Windows 8.1 store (?).

The only reason I purchased the Kreyos smart watch was because, according to the Kreyos marketing info, theirs was the only smart watch reportedly available for Windows phones ...

So, in light of these seemingly disappointing realities, does anyone out there on Connectedly happen to know ...

As of 8/21/2014, has Kreyos indeed made the Kreyos app available through the Windows store in Windows 8.1, as they've reportedly done for iOS and Android?

I'm looking for it too. I received the watch but can't find the Windows Phone 8.1 app, nor can I get it to work on my ipad. I'll give it a week and then it's time for a refund.