Last chance! Enter the Connectedly Launch Contest before it's too late! | Connectedly

Last chance! Enter the Connectedly Launch Contest before it's too late!

By Adam Zeis on 23 May 2014 10:26 am

There's only one week left to enter our Connectedly Launch Contest if you haven't already! We're giving away some awesome prizes including a Sonos PLAYBAR, Phillips Hue and Sphero. The best part? You can enter more than once and increase your chances of winning (see the original contest post for details).

The prizes:

So if you haven't yet done so, head over to our launch contest post here for more details on how to enter.

Don't forget to follow Connectedly and download our NEW Android app for good measure!

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Reader comments

Last chance! Enter the Connectedly Launch Contest before it's too late!


What's great is I used to check the site every couple of days. Then the contest was announced, and I was on here everyday to make sure my daily entry was put in.

Now I'm just addicted to being here, all day, everyday, regardless of the contest. I hope that people continue to check out the site long after the contest is over :)

Posted via Connectedly App

Same story here. I love it whenever there's a new post!

Posted via Connectedly App | Sideloaded at BlackBerry Q10 SQN100-3 OS

hehe nice to hear!
I used to visit some other blogs for news like this, but now actually everything I'm curious about is right in here!
Funny to see how the Mobile Nations blogs/sites are sitting in pos 2 and poss 3 of my top 3 most visited tech blogs:
n° 1 : Crackberry
n° 2 : Connectedly
n° 3 : (BOOOOOOOO :p )

Keep up the good work MN! you guys are great, with our without contests like this (insane) one!

No the best part was where we had to comment on articles but they wouldn't let you comment on articles. That was awesome. ;-)

Love the site, This is going to be my main site to learn about the latest gadgets that keep me connected to all things.

This site have been my everyday must visit for a months.
Can't live without reading updates and news from here.

The name says it all: Connectedly IS the Internet of Things!

Definitely, the name's right on the spot, it means everything IoT stands for and even beyond, and it sounds so much better, smarter and technically-wise than IoT.

Take my word for whatever it's worth, IoT sooner than later will morph into "idIoT".

Connectedly on the other hand will steadily transcend time and labels, and will become the preferred reference term for everything that the Internet of things is and will be about.

Welcome to the Internet of things, welcome to a better world where everything's connected for everyone, welcome to Connectedly!

It's been great so far, can't wait too see how fleshed out everything is a year from now

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I have never entered a contest so often! Almost every day with multiple comments on multiple posts. Just goes to prove if the prize is good, we will come back!