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Last chance to get in on Razer Nabu beta

By Simon Sage on 8 Jul 2014 01:31 pm

The beta application period to get in on the Razer Nabu wristband is just about up. There's less than a day to go, and 250,000 people have already applied, but only 500 of these are being sent out.

The Nabu is an interesting little piece of kit, namely because Razer is almost exclusively known for making gaming peripherals. The Nabu shows a fair bit of promise by having a slim LED screen for notifications, gesture-based dismissals, and close-range social functions with other Nabu-wearers. All of that is on top of the usual breed of fitness and sleep tracking data.

Head over to the Razer Zone to apply for the Nabu beta before time runs out. What do you guys think? Can Razer make the transition from gaming into wearables? Is this something you'd try out?

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Last chance to get in on Razer Nabu beta


I was thinking the same thing. Assumed this was kinda fringe so maybe 10000. Who knows? They may still pick us.

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