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Connectedly Site Launch Contest - Enter Now!

By CrackBerry Kevin on 1 May 2014 09:00 am

Earlier this week we pulled the trigger on the rebranding of Smartwatch Fans to Connectedly. In case you missed our Welcome Post, be sure to give it a read as it lays out our mission and vision for Connectedly. We're incredibly excited to add Connectedly to our Mobile Nations family of sites as are so many of you - the shared enthusiasm from the tech community for Connectedly and our expanded coverage beyond mobile platforms into the connected devices space has been fantastic!

With May 1st here and a few days of smooth running now behind us after the site launch, it's time to kickstart things into action around here with our first Connectedly Community Contest! We have some great prizes to be won, and we've engineered the contest in such a way that the more you visit Connectedly and participate in the article comment and forum discussion all month long, the more chances you will earn to win. Keep reading for all the details!

Contest Prizes:

How to Enter

Login to Connectedly and leave a comment to this contest post letting us know what smart products excite you most in the connected devices space.

If you're not a member, you can register here in thirty seconds. This first step gets you one entry into the contest for your chance to win!

BONUS ENTRIES - Visit every day in the month of May and participate on the site either by commenting on the articles or in the Connectedly forums.

Every day that you comment on an article, post on an existing forum discussion or start a new forum discussion will count as an extra entry into the contest. Post everyday in the month of May and you will earn 31 entries into contest draw. After you make your first post on this article, all future contest entry contributions should be on different pages of the site.

Contest Rules & Fine Print

  • Contest is open worldwide.
  • Standard posting rules apply.
  • Only quality posts will be considered eligible for contest entry. One word replies and wasteful posts will not qualify. We want you participating in the discussion, not spamming it.
  • While we encourage everybody to participate in the community with multiple contributions each and every day, for the purpose of this contest only your first article comment or forum post each day will count as an entry. This provides everybody with a fair chance to win - if we we gave away a chance to win with every post, it would be to easy for one or two people to run away with victory by posting here all day long.
  • If you miss joining in on the contest action on May 1st, you can still begin participating in the contest at point during the month of May by leaving a comment on this article. Note, your total max number of possible entries will be reduced accordingly. Example - if you leave a comment here on May 15th and post every day after, you will have 16 entries by the time the contest ends.
  • Reminder: Don't forget to comment on THIS article. If you don't first leave a comment here, posts on other days will not be counted as contest entries.
  • Winners will be announced by June 7th, 2014.

Live Connectedly!

Life is better when you live connectedly, and this first Connectedly contest will give you a great chance to do just that! Along with the chance to win some great prizes, the goal of this contest is to help jumpstart the community with lots of engaging discussion. Though I'm not eligible to win, I'm certainly looking forward to joining in on the discussion with all of you!

That's it. Now leave your comment to this contest post and let the fun begin. Best of luck!!

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Reader comments

Connectedly Site Launch Contest - Enter Now!



Hey! I'm new to all this but really trying to win this for my brother! thanks for putting on the contest!!

This year has been a gadget revelation for me as i have discovered both Sonos and Hue in the past months. especially hue has great potential when combined with services like IFTTT

wow its a nice contest..lovig this site ..andi i appreciate this about your site keep going on you will have our support

Great contest to encourage site exploration and interactivity. All prizes are incredible products, thank you for providing the site to allow easy access to everything connected!

Well..i am new to the website and i love it!!! and thanks for letting us teenagers come to this website to win some fabulous prize!! i am really glad that i came to this website ! thanks again.! :) you guys are such an amazing people!

Sent from a sweet girl name Confidence love aka Confidence A Ogbonnaya

I think the Philip's Hue is just about the coolest thing ever! Nest is really cool too, but needs some bugs worked out.
Thanks for the contest!

Would love to have one of these connected devices.
As for the question, im still relatively new to the whole connected devices phase the tech world is now entering into.
But of all the devices listed in this contest, the Philips Hue for home lighting is what i find most intriguing.
It would be the most useful device for me if i win.

I am excited about the Kairos watch and how it blends the antique idea of timepieces with modern interfaces and utility of connected devices....

I'm really looking forward to finding out more about living "Connectedly"!!! I'm particularly interested in audio/visual connectivity. This looks like it will be very informative and a lot of fun....Mark

Sonos makes great products for home music systems. Especially for those who are not able to put holes in the walls and run physical wiring their systems solve a huge problem.

I came to look around this site as kind of a curious skeptic about the connection concept . Will be interesting to watch the developments to see whether these things make life more functional and easier, or require extra time and attention. Winning this contest would be an opportunity for some firsthand research!

Thanks for the contest. I wish I have a google glass. Also I love the idea of wifi connected plugs at home controlling my home appliances while I'm away.

Posted via Connectedly App

First time posting here. Great site to learn about new products and to get a glimpse of upcoming gadgets. Really enjoying this site. Thanks Connectedly.

Hello, I've heard a lot about Sonos. I haven't gotten around to buying it. This would be a great start to updating my house sound system.

Great site, I have added it to my daily feeds.

Smartwatches and smart glasses seems to be the next big wave for me, althoug the current generation of these products is still quite imature. Everything related to audio is on my spot too cause I kind of a music addicted.

The site is great so far. I've found some great information and just bought my first Sonos speakers. They are addicting like candy! I'm thinking of connecting them to my HTS so I can play my movies in full home surround!

Definately interested in SONOS. I have tried a few different ways to pipe music through my house wirelessly and this may be the Holy Grail.

Glass and watches look interesting, especially the Moto 360. Really looking forward to seeing Android Wear myself. The potential of these products it really exciting, especially Glass.

Really excited about Connectedly. I'm into smart watches, but home automation is my new fancy.

But come onAndroid Wear!

My wife and I are moving into a new house next month and I already plan on implementing some smart home devices such as a Nest Thermostat or Phillips Hue Lighting. I would love to get a free starter kit of the Phillips Hue Lighting. It would go great in my home theater basement where I already have a Harmony remote that will integrate with it.

I think user simplicity is what's key in this space for the long term. People with a tech leaning are always going to complain that Airplay is not as good as this super-open-source protocol over here, or that Sonos doesn't support the ultra-high-def files I have over here, but those individuals are the ones who will make their systems work for themselves. It is the 'ordinary' users (who now understands how to use their iPhone/Android without much bother) for whom the providers need to concentrate on - and in this area ease of use is key.

I am really interested in z-wave and home automation products especially the new stuff from aeon labs like the smart film. Anything that I can use with my windows phone really. Also would love sonos speakers if i could afford them heh.

Awesome contest! I love the control of connecting my BlackBerry Z10 to my stereo, PlayBook and other devices and can see expanding that much further with more connected gadgets. Consider my hat thrown into the ring.

Of all the prizes, I want the Philips Hue the most! :D
The ability to control the LED bulbs with NFC tags would be awesome, just tap your phone or tablet to a tag and instantly set the mood of a room,

Smart Phones...Smart Watches and next Smart homes...Everything will be more connected...Phone/wearable should control the home appliances... Looking forward to see that :)

Liking the smartwatch idea, but waiting for complete cross-platform support and lower prices

Love Sonos and love even more now there Google Play integration. Would be so awesome to expand on my expandition.

With all of the new wearable tech that are out now and on th horizon we will have a rich and robust resources at our fingertips and on our bodies that gives us the ability to connect and share socially in new an intresting ways. It aslo give us a chance to show off our inner geek. I am soo ready to embrace this Tech!!

I think integrating home equipment like the thermostat and lights will be the ultimate future. Setup programs when you're away to make it look like someone is around and the thermostat adjust automatically as well.

connected car is the first one and then connected wallet, backpack etc basically everyday things which we use daily. connecting them will be very crucial

Always looking for another solid mobile site as I like to read multiple webpage's thoughts on upcoming items in the mobile universe. Also, I just bought my 1st Sonos product (Play:1) and would love to win this context as I am eager to expand Sonos throughout my house!!

I accidentally ordered a Sonos Connect with Amazon 1-click and now I really need a Sonos speaker to connect to it!!!

Great site to read through! Adding to feedly. I definitely love Sonos. I'm a first time home buyer and would love to make it a connected home as much as possible and Sonos speakers are on the top of my list of things I'd love to have since music is on almost 24/7. Love that these speakers are easy to use and sound great... wi-fi!

Sonos is an awesome system, I have a play 5 and would love to add to my system. If you haven't demo'd a Sonos yet get to a dealer and give it a listen.

I really like the potential of smartwatches and the competition that its bringing on. With great brands such as Pebble and Samsung already making great products, it'll be interesting to see how other competitors such as Apple respond.

My intention was to visit every day and leave a witty comment, but alas, I'm a slug. But a slug who is interested in winning the contest. If you're counting from home, this is post number 2.

I was checking out the Hue website and saw a lamp type one that I really likes. I think it is the one picture here. It project light on the wall. I think that is pretty cool!

wkaing up in the morning is almost impossible for me. phillips hue would be amazing for me. mobile nation is the shit and the new site is awsome

I can't believe I just found out about this contest. Well one chance is better than none I guess!

Good site with frequently updates. Great to see all the news in one place. You are great team :)
The most excited about smart watches of course.

I originally came here through the post on CrackBerry informing about the contest. After a couple of articles, especially the one regarding the article on how Dubai's police force will be utilizing Google Glass and the announcement of mobile fitness month, I think, I am here to stay. :) (And hope to win the contest as well :))

I'd love to be able to automate my entire home. I know the Nest is out there, lighting, and even door locks. I'm interested in being able to monitor my home while I'm away mostly.

I'm really interested in the Sonos set-up. So they connect to each other and u can place a speaker in each room right? How is the sound quality? Either way, I want it!

Hugely tempted by the Sonos sound bar, although it needs an official app for Windows Phone. :P
Would love to win one, no doubt about that.

I would like to see a combination of all three, a wireless speaker that has lights and you can control its movement with an app. Maybe I should make one...

I'm most excited about connected a/c units, like aros. I prefer that each item connect to the mobile device independently, rather than through some controller or gateway.

Thrilled to find this site.

well the contest pulls me here but i am really curious to try the items offered as prize ..... sometime you get lucky by doing nothing at all ......... may be !

Thanks for the opportunity to participate, esp the open-Globally aspect, as most contest are US centric this leaves out a lot of other people in the world who would benefit a lot from new technology which is more expensive if not down right not available.

As for the connected devices, i am currently looking to get a GPS tracker like the Nokia Treasure Tag or its alternatives. So that is the latest on that fr me at least.

As i start to connect my home to the cloud, I'm finding out that it is incredibly addicting to do so. I'm a traveling salesman and there's nothing better than to be able to see my home remotely and being able to see that I didn't forget to close the garage door on my way out the airport at 5AM :o) Looking forward to visiting the site and seeing what new gadgets I can get to continue to connect the things that matter to my remote self.

Hmmm. I'm moving into a new house in two weeks. Things need to be automated and connected. Timing for the new site is perfect. Help me live connectedly in my new home with one of these prizes. :)

The Moto 360 is the device I think I'm most excited for. It looks like the first smart watch that I would actually want to wear. Now the only concern is whether or not it will work for Windows Phone 8.1

Love the site very useful and alot of information on different products and this cool contests is a plus.

A new site that I can actually be excited about. Looking forward to reading articles on this site as much as I do on WPCentral! just need a WP app!

Smartwatches, especially the Moto360 and connected Car-Entertainment are the most interesting so far.

I like your new site, it is a winner. I hope you make me a winner. I love Sonos but I don't own one. I look forward to your future comments and recommendations on Connectedly.

Funnily enough, the most exciting smart product would still have to be a smartwatch…I've been yearning to get back into watch wearing.

Nice contest....I like anything that can connect and be controlled to my smartphone. From watches to thermostats.

Great prizes, new to the site, can't wait to receive my prize in the mail. I'm still waiting for for Sonos to release a app for my windows phone.

I have loved connected gadgets for over 10 years. I still have the X1 connected outlets and plugs and remotes etc. They worked great until they interfered with WiFi and I had to reluctantly take them down once wireless internet become a hot trend.....

Would love to own some newer stuff for free!

I think this year will be the year of Sonos alternatives finally becoming credible - in particular I'm interested to see how the Samsung Shape / WAM system fares...

Great idea for this site. Using Sonos and IRIS systems already, would love to add more speakers :) Using L920 WP8.1, both Sonos and IRIS need apps anyone else find this irritating? Used Phonos, needs more functionality to be worth it.

I've always wanted both the Hue and the Sonos Play:1. The Hue by Phillips due to being able to control the lighting in my home even when I'm not there, set it up so the lights turn on when it's time to wake up, etc. Sonos Play:1(3, or 5) due to the fact that I use Deezer all the time on my phone, but it doesn't work on my Xbox 360(known glitch, they're fixing it but it's been months since I haven't used it) so when I'm home I have nothing to play it through except for my laptop which isn't the greatest for sound. It definitely is neat, technology these days!

I'm definitely more interested in smartwatches, although bracelts could be good for some sport/hiking/running.

Is there anything productive that a Sphero can do? It looks like a cool toy, but it has such a high price tag.

I LOVE my Sonos setup. I would love to add a few more components to it, but they're pretty pricey. Hopefully this works out!! The idea of connected energy controls is exciting for the potential cost savings, but I'm really excited about more connectedness in the multimedia space. I think televisions still have a lot of potential when it comes to interacting with other devices in the home, and I'm anxious to see where this trend will push them.

Hi, luving the new site. I am interested in Wireless controlled LED home lighting and home automation controlled by my smartphone. Also interested to see how well Android Wear kicks off. I hope to see some unbiased reviews of bluetooth speakers on Connectedly.

Good luck to everyone that entered the contest. I hope I win the Phillips Hue Starter pack.

The Philips Hue lights excite me the most in the connected device space! It'll be perfect for my BBQ parties this summer :D Pleaseeee iMore :)

Love the change to expand the scope of the site. There are many things I would end up having before a smartwatch.

Everyone say watches are a thing of the past. Now we have smart watches, we back at looking at our wrist for information. Interesting and a little comical. Now they want to make designer smart watches, I'll rather wear my handcraft watches instead. As for blue toothed sound system, I'm in.

i never had these kind of gadgets like having a speaker connected through bluetooth like sonos I only found out here in Connectedly. Connectedly open doors to those people who are not updated in the tech world. Thank you Connectedly for being our number one site providing information about tech stuffs.

what is sparking my interest is a well rounded smartwatch that can check heart rate, or blood or see if your BAC content by your sweat and then it could notify using your phone via text certain people you have set up to be contacted.

Love that the contest is open worldwide!
"what smart products excite you most in the connected devices space" - Right now the smart watch, but things like "The Dash", and other connected gadgets, of course!

Pulling my phone out of my pocket isn't a huge hassle, but being able to receive notifications on my Pebble is awesome. Not to mention everything I can make my phone do using Tasker. I can't wait to see where we go next.

Smartphones connecting to any range of objects excite me enormously. A friend who studies that kind of thing was talking to me about it yesterday. It's fascinating.

Site looks great, with a smashing load of content, the fitness trackers are a great addition to our every day lives, and a boon for big data.

Philips hue I think is a really cool product. I'm actually looking to buy a Galaxy gear 2 neo was just in best best buy and I think that it's something I want I had a withings pulse o2 but it was junk had it not only a week weekend the screen stopped responding. I got got the app so I could could see the reviews and and what u guys say about about the watches.

Agreed. It will be interesting to see if Apple or Microsoft enter the smartwatch arena this year. One thing about Apple's smartwatch, it will most likely be tied to iOS only.

Cool contest, great content on the new portal from Mobile Nations, you guys are a super quality team of writers and looking forward to more Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 support from many of the devices featured here.