Turning over a new leaf.

While most leaves change color in fall, Bellabeat is releasing their rose gold Leaf fitness tracker just in time for summer.

Smart Jewelry

Since 2014, Bellabeat has been admired for their beautiful fitness trackers. Simple, elegant, style has won over many wearers since these trackers look more like a piece of jewelry than an activity monitor. An understated metal clip sits on top of a beautiful, smooth-grained wood finish, hiding a sophisticated coupling of sensors to monitor and record daily activity, sleep patterns, and menstrual cycles. Throughout the day, gentle reminders alert you to take a moment for deep breathing, encouraging mindfulness and helping reduce stress. The Leaf has no screen, but syncs wirelessly with an app on your phone to display your data and suggest daily exercises.

Bellabeat Leaf in rose gold


The Leaf activity tracker is a beautifully-designed fitness tracker which can be worn as a pendant, bracelet, or clip-on and is now available in rose gold.

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The latest Leaf maintains these core functionalities but adds a beautiful new finish. The rose gold Leaf can be worn as a pendant on a necklace, fixed to a collar or lapel as a brooch, clipped to belt or pants pocket, or adorn your wrist as a bracelet. The rose gold Leaf is designed with the look of a favorite piece of jewelry and is a beautiful accessory for work, play, or a night out.