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The LeapFrog LeapBand wearable activity tracker will get your lazy kid moving again

The LeapFrog LeapBand wearable activity tracker will get your lazy kid moving again
By Simon Sage on 1 May 2014 09:20 am

The LeapFrog LeapBand made its debut today in an attempt to get kids more active. Unlike typical fitness bands, the LeapBand skips heart rate monitoring and tracking data on spiffy-looking graphs. Instead, it aims to gamify healthy activity with kid-friendly a Tomagotchi-style virtual pet. By going through certain exercises framed as mini-games, kids keep their pet alive and healthy. Activity is tracked through an accelerometer, and progress towards unlocking new challenges and pets is displayed on a full-color screen. A companion game for iOS and Android called the Pentathalon will be released, allowing kids to play with the pets they've taken such good care of.

It's great to see so many fitness bands available for those adults that are health nuts, but creating exercise-conscious adults is an important challenge to tackle. Technology can often be seen as a mental pacifier for kids, but in a context like this, it could very well cultivate some very healthy habits. Plus, hey, games are fun. You may even have more of a hard time getting the kid to slow down for bedtime.

Or, you know, you could just say "go outside."

The LeapFrog LeapBand will be available in August for $39.99. How many of you guys would slap one of these on your kid?

Source: LeapFrog

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The LeapFrog LeapBand wearable activity tracker will get your lazy kid moving again


Hmmm I'm not sure I would buy this for my kid. I guess I'd have to see how it works, accelerometers can be tricked. Not sure what would stop the kid from just swinging their arm around.

I don't know, when I was a wee little tike I still liked me some sleek looking gadgets like a cool Casio Calculator watch. Kids as young as toddlers are already being exposed to tablets and smart phones, they aren't going to want to wear this janky looking thing.

Cool concept, but it looks like the 90's.

Great idea, I'm just wondering if my oldest would like it or think it's too childish.... They should come out with a pre teen version that looks a little more adult and hatches dragons.

It looks like a fun concept for kids. But i'm not sure if it will catch on. They've got games like these on bigger screens (tablets/phones). I mean they wouldn't just stare at a watch all day and jump around to play the game. They'll just fling the watch around a while and get bored after 5 minutes. These are smartphone-era kids we're talking about here. :)

i dont know any kids who can sit still longer than 5 minutes! struggle to get my daughter to keep her feet still as it is. she would love this watch though!!

That's not a bad price for something kids can have fun with while exercising. But so was playing tag, dodgeball or boarding. Didn't need a device to make me run around. But I guess it's a new world.

I suppose it is better to gamify than to put a shock collar on them. But I agree with a previous poster about just shoving them out the door and having them go play. I remember getting reamed out for losing things like cheap gloves... can't imagine what my punishment would have been for losing a $40 tech item.

I don't really like this idea. Why should kids be rewarded with video games to go out and play? Maybe my vision is skewered but I think kids shouldn't be rewarded with getting to be lazy because they were active. My nephew thinks he should get to play video games every time he poops, just because he doesn't like to poop. At least he enjoys going outside and playing over video games right now...