We've been getting teased with short videos from Lexus about their hoverboard, leaving lots of people wondering if it's real, and just how the heck it works. Lexus let Jalopnik play with the hoverboard and test it out at a skatepark in Spain.

While the hoverboard is real and does hover, it can only do so because of the custom skateboard park built for the hoverboard. The Lexus hoverboard is packed with ceramic tiles of superconductors made up of yttrium, barium, copper, and oxygen. They are cooled using liquid nitrogen to about -200 Celsius, and are than able to hover over magnetic tracks. The liquid nitrogen last about 20 minutes per charge depending on ambient temperature and weight of the rider. The skateboard park is made up of magnetic tracks covered with wood that is painted to look like concrete. In essence, this was all just a gimmick and advertising stunt by Lexus.

Very neat stuff, but sorry Marty McFly, you can only hover where the magnetic track are installed.

Video Source Jalopnik