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LG announces first webOS milestone, 1 million sales and rising

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By Richard Devine on 2 Jun 2014 04:18 am

LG has this morning announced its first webOS related milestone, that 1 million of its Smart TV sets using the platform have now been sold. With the range going on sale to the public in March – and that we're talking about pricey TVs, not smartphones – that isn't bad numbers for just a few months of sales. And LG is predicting bigger and better results for webOS TV.

The global rollout continues and is expected to reach 150 countries by the end of June. LG also expects sales of webOS TVs to reach 10 million by the first half of 2015. In-kyu Lee, Senior Vice President and head of the TV division at LG outlines part of the reason for the success:

"Rather than continuing to add more and more functions into our smart TVs that few people will ever use, we've decided to focus on simplicity with our 2014 Smart+ TVs with webOS. Consumers seem to share our view that this is the right direction for the evolution of smart TVs going forward."

So, while the smartphones may have passed, webOS lives on and is going from strength to strength under LG's stewardship. And if that doesn't make us feel all warm inside on this Monday morning, nothing will.

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Reader comments

LG announces first webOS milestone, 1 million sales and rising


Really wish LG would go rouge and use webOS for what it was meant for.. Smartphones.. I always loved webOS..

It would be nice if they used it on smartphones. I really liked their card system. But glad to see that they are making use of webos

I'm hoping these TVs aren't obscenely expensive and I can actually get one when they come out. The interface looks really slick and exactly what I have been waiting for to upgrade my TV to

Say what you will about webOS, but that is one sexy UI for a smart TV. That bottom row in the picture looks like magic. Most TV UIs look like something out of the mid 90s.

I'd be very interested to see how many of those purchases knew webOS was running it?
Or cared?
Or how many of them will actually use the smart feature?
Or just bought the TV they liked the look of!

Did HP even sell close to a million of the webOS tablets? It would be nice to see that OS back on a phone.

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