LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live now available in Google Play

LG G Watch
By Andrew Martonik on 25 Jun 2014 07:17 pm

Google dropped a bit of a bomb on us all at Google I/O today by announcing that the LG G Watch would go on sale in Google Play today, then doubled up on that by announcing the Samsung Gear Live and also making it available today.

The LG G Watch comes in at $229 and is shipping July 3rd (though LG said July 7th previously), while the Samsung Gear Live comes in at just $199 and ships July 8th. Interestingly, in the UK the G Watch is the cheaper of the two at £159 (shipping July 4th), with the Gear Live coming in at £169 (shipping July 87th).

If you need a little more information to help you make your buying decision, be sure to check out our initial hands-on time with both the G Watch and Gear Live.

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LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live now available in Google Play


$250 dollars for both in Australia plus shipping and can't even pre order the Gear Live. Will have to pass seems like Australian's pay a premium on everything these days... Will wait for moto 360 which overall design ive seen so far will justify the expected higher price. Need more of these wearables in brick and motor stores only ones ive been able to see so far a samsungs range on physical display.

I wish they would come out with more durable straps. Perhaps steel style like pebble did!

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Just get an aftermarket strap. Both the Gear Live & G Watch support standard 22mm bands

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