LG G Watch currently on sale at Best Buy for just $149.99

L G G watch
By John Callaham on 11 Oct 2014 02:01 pm

If you really want to get your hands, or rather your wrist, on an Android Wear smartwatch, Best Buy could have something that might be of interest. The retailer is currently selling the LG G Watch for just $149.99.

If you remember, the LG G Watch launched in June for the price of $229.99 and then in late August, Best Buy was selling the same smartwatch for $179.99, a $50 price cut. Now that cost has gone down to $80 off the original price and $30 off from the last time Best Buy put the device on sale.

Of course, this price cut comes even as a new circular smartwatch from the same company, the LG G Watch R, is due to launch in Korea next week and in other markets later in the fourth quarter. Does this price cut on the original LG G Watch make you want to buy the product now?

Thanks to Neil for the tip!

Source: Best Buy

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LG G Watch currently on sale at Best Buy for just $149.99

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Really enjoyed mine but moved on to the 360. Waiting for a more rugged smart watch though. The new LG could be it, will have to see.

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