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LG G Watch goes on sale worldwide

LG G Watch
By John Callaham on 8 Jul 2014 08:21 am

LG has announced that the LG G Watch is now available for sale in a total of 27 countries, with 12 of them allowing their residents to purchase the Android Wear-based smartwatch online on the Google Play Store as well as from retailers.

Those 12 countries include the US, Canada, France, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Japan and South Korea. In addition, 15 more countries are selling the LG G Watch via retailers, but not on the Google Play Store. LG did not give a full list of those territories today but they do include Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Singapore and New Zealand. Pricing for the smartwatch will vary by territory, according to LG.

AT&T is already taking online orders for the LG G Watch in the U.S. for the price of $229, and will sell the smartwatch in its stores starting July 11. The wireless carrier is also offering the device for 50 percent off if customers also purchase the LG G3 smartphone at the same time.

Are you planning to purchase the LG G Watch if you live in one of the countries where it will be available?

Source: LG

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LG G Watch goes on sale worldwide


Already ordered a G Watch and Gear Live... Couldn't pick. :-/ haha

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Great little watch. More svelte than my GShock. More comfortable too. Don't even realize its there. Responsive and quick.

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Anyone know if any canadian retailers (ie: not google play) will be carrying this? I don't see it on best buy's website...

I'm unsure of Canadian availability, but if it makes you feel any better the device is listed as sold out on the US Best Buy site, and in any local Chicago Store.

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