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LG G Watch to launch in the UK this summer for £180

LG G Watch
By Adam Zeis on 8 Apr 2014 09:08 am

While we anxiously wait to see what the first Android Wear device out of the gate will be, it appears that LG may try to take that title. As there were very few announcements so far, it seems like an obvious battle between the Moto 360 and LG's G Watch. Now Pocket-lint has confirmed that the G Watch will be available before July and will retail for less than £180 in the UK.

Still without a working model, LG showed off the final version of their prototype device — which does have the final design. The rectangular G Watch is a bit larger than the Gear 2 and will allow for changeable straps. We know it will be running Android Wear, but other specs are still unknown for the time being.One thing to note is that there are no buttons on the watch at all, and also no ports to be seen. The only noticeable feature are charging contacts on the back of the device which remind us of the same style on the MetaWatch devices.

If this holds true, we could very well see the G Watch (and hopefully other Android Wear devices) hit the market before the summer is out.

Source: Pocket-lint

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LG G Watch to launch in the UK this summer for £180


For £180, it better be good.

Looking forward to it and hope it works with as many devices as possible.

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Too much money, wouldn't pay that for this - almost as much as or more than a decent second-hand or even new phone!

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There is a white version ad well. Guy came into the restaurant with one. Looked vanilla from I what I saw. Looked awkward with the black screen though . looked like an old 70s white TV turned off.

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