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LG G Watch makes an appearance alongside the new LG G3

LG G Watch
By Phil Nickinson on 27 May 2014 01:25 pm

If you were watching today's livestream of the LG G3 announcement, you might have noticed this little gem — another brief appearance of the LG G Watch.

Still no word on when it'll actually be available, or what it's going to cost us. But that LG is showing it off remains a good sign.

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LG G Watch makes an appearance alongside the new LG G3


Agreed, I'm still torn 360 or G watch.
What I'm waiting on is specs and cost. Until they tell us more I'm reserving my judgment.

gives a good size comparison to a phone vs on a wrist. I do like the look of it, nice and clean.

What the hell is the deal with smartwatches and activity trackers? 1)entice and promise. 2)delay and obfuscate 3)under deliver.
Prove me wrong,next launch.

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Since all we can do is make unfounded assertions about the ability of the watch, I would assume the watch is compatible with any Android phone, but has deeper integration with LG flagship phones. Hopefully that means great things for Nexus 5 owners like me!

Don't know that because it's LG that it's going to hum along with other LG phones. My LG g2 and LG lifeband communicate like a couple that need to see Dr Phil,stat.

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Don't get me wrong,I'm excited for the GWatch. I am also really hoping Pebble does a major revision soon. I swap devices and OS far too often to buy a watch that only works with one OS.

Of course, I'm totally going to buy one.. Or a 360, and iwatch. Sure would be nice to have just one though.

Maybe their trying to do how Samsung releases their Smartwatches, they'll gonna bundle it with the newest smartphone.

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Torn between this and the 360, 360 looks better but if it comes in at too high a price point then........

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