LG introduces Lifeband Touch, a fitness tracker with a twist

Lifeband Touch
By Jared DiPane on 6 Jan 2014 12:06 pm

During their press conference at CES this morning LG has just made the Lifeband Touch official. While the main purpose of the Lifeband Touch is to be a fitness tracker, it does add a nice little added bonus that most others don't. LG has opted to include notifications for incoming calls and text messages on the Lifeband Touch in addition to the normal health stuff that the rest of them display, which makes it a bit more useful for many. 

The Lifeband Touch will easily pair with Android and iOS devices through the use of one of their applications, and features a OLED touch screen display for easy access to your information. To get the most out of the device LG has also announced Heart Rate Earphones which pair with the Lifeband Touch. These headphones will be multipurpose as they will play your music when working out as well as measure your heart rate through your ears and feed that information back into your Lifeband Touch.

Both items are set to launch this spring, but unfortunately LG has not given pricing information at this time. Be sure to stay tuned to our live coverage from CES this week to see if we can get some hands-on time with these devices.

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LG introduces Lifeband Touch, a fitness tracker with a twist

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