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LG reveals new 4K OLED TVs and new apps for its webOS Smart TVs at CES 2015

By John Callaham on 5 Jan 2015 11:39 am

LG used CES 2015 to announced seven new 4K OLED TVs, along with some new app partners for its webOS-based Smart TVs.

All of LG's new OLED TVs use the company's webOS Smart TV platform. The company said:

All of LG's 2015 4K OLED TVs utilize the company's proprietary WRGB technology. This pixel structure adds a white sub pixel, which allows for expanded, life-like colors. These TVs incorporate features that ensure images are rendered with perfect blacks and perfect colors, and an infinite contrast ratio. LG's Optimized True Color technology regulates color stability regardless of variations in brightness and delivers a superb viewing experience with more natural, comfortable colors. With a maximum response time of 0.001ms, LG's OLED TVs are more than 1,000 times faster than conventional LCD flat panel TVs. LG OLED TVs assure that even viewers sitting off-axis will enjoy exceptional picture quality at wide viewing angles, unlike most LCD TVs, which suffer from color washout and lower contrast.

As far as app partners, LG put a lot of promotion on its deal with GoPro, which will launch an app specifically for its Smart TVs. LG said:

The new app allows LG Smart TV users to immerse themselves in the world of GoPro content with just the click of the Magic remote using LG's simple and fast webOS connected platform. Viewers will experience hours of engaging and inspiring moments, from global expeditions and adrenaline-pumping stunts to everyday moments and jaw-dropping beauty on LG TVs offering improved contrast and picture detail, coupled with superior color and clarity.

Other LG webOS Smart TV app partners will include DirecTV, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Showtime, HSN, IHeartRadio and more.

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LG reveals new 4K OLED TVs and new apps for its webOS Smart TVs at CES 2015


at the risk of being repetitive I think not including the OPTION for android TV is a mistake, look at what is happening in the Google Cast and AirPlay space, then in the Android Auto and CarPlay space. 3rd party OEMs are giving the user the option of using either system, sometime sitting on top or outside of another interface/ OS sandbox but still the USER gets choice. This Android TV might not (and probably wont be) the best thing just yet, but If I cant even use/ try it, LG you just lost my interest.
WebOs is OK, I've used it on a TV but I want the option to use Android TV as well without attaching another set top box.

I've 2014 webos UHD UB850 TV. It's a sh*t. Sorry LG, never more. The only usable app is youtube, nothing else. /maybe netflix in other countries/. and it will be not updated to webos 2. It's a JOKE. Smart TV with no apps... :D. No PIP function, it does nothing... my CRT TV from 1992 does more..