LG showed off its amazing double-sided OLED displays at the IFA 2015 show in Berlin. These super thin displays will allow you to see what's on the tv even if you're standing behind it. LG featured both an 111-inch and 55-inch version of the dual-sided display, and both would allow you to watch two different sources on each side. The 111-inch version is made of three separate 65-inch Ultra HD OLED displays mounted vertically in a wave pattern. Meanwhile, the 55-inch version is just an incredible 5.3 inches thick.

Sadly, these are just prototypes and will not be up for sale just yet. LG is flexing its muscles and showing the world what its technology can do. While not many of us have the need for double sided TVs, the technology and thinness of these displays would create new mounting solutions in commercial settings. Or perhaps you do want to put one in the middle of your living room?

Video Source: LG Display YouTube