LG talks about entering the wearables space #CESlive | Connectedly

LG talks about entering the wearables space #CESlive

By Jared DiPane on 9 Jan 2014 03:54 pm

John and Georgia sat down with Jim Clayton and Ashley Kim of LG to talk about their big CES announcements. At the top of the list is LG's entry into the wearable space with the Lifeband Touch, their first fitness tracker. Unlike many other fitness trackers, the Lifeband Touch features a touch screen OLED display and will also show caller information as well.

In the past LG has been known for their appliances and mobile phones, but they will be expanding beyond that in 2014. Be sure to check out the full interview above to see just how excited LG is about their new products.

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LG talks about entering the wearables space #CESlive


You have all done a great job with the coverage this year. Keep up the good work and try not to go home sick.

I like the fitness band a lot and want one or at least to try one. What is the band made of? I wonder how durable the band is, if it falls off as your running and hits the cement will it shatter the screen? Also how sweat proof it is the band, because I know from using sweat proof earbuds, I short them out from running and sweating too much so will this be a problem with the band?